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   Chapter 107 He's So Horrible

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She called him, but they were not as intimate as they used to be.

Ron turned his head from the crook of his arm and saw Celia. It was not until squinting his eyes that he could see her appearance.

He reached out his hand and wanted to touch her face, but she turned away.

His hand froze in the air. He looked at it with a self mocking smile and withdrew his hand. He pushed the other glass on the side of his hand.

Celia Ling looked at the glass of juice. She didn't want to drink it.

"Don't you want to drink it? Would you like something else? "

He remembered her favorite.

"No, I'm not thirsty."

Wade, Zed was standing a few meters away from Celia, kept his eyes on her. He raised his eyebrows as he saw her sitting next to Ron.

He had vaguely seen that the man poured something into the juice before. In this occasion, it was most likely that he had been drugged?

But he wasn't sure.

He hesitated and didn't know if he should stop them.

As a frequent visitor, he had met this kind of situation.

Although he disdained to use such a dirty trick, he would never meddle in others' business.

But Celia helped him just now. Why was he so indifferent as a bystander? It seemed that he didn't know how to repay a debt of gratitude?

But the girl didn't seem to want to drink at all. Was she on guard or just happened not to want to drink?

Zed played with his glass while paying close attention to what was happening there.

"Miss, this is our signature drink!" The bartender who had been mixing drinks for Ron suddenly said.

He were doing it for money.

The man gave a lot of tips and recommended the invited girl when she refused to drink juice.

After all, if Ron insisted, he would be doubted.


Celia responded flatly. Without any hesitation, she took the juice and was about to have a sip.

Ron and the bartender looked at her quietly, waiting for her to drink.

Just as Celia was about to drink the water, a gust of wind swept past her.

The next moment, the cup in her hand was gone.

The three were surprised. Celia Ling was sitting next to her with a glass of juice in her hand, looking at her with a smile.

"What are you doing?"

She frowned and looked at the man in front of her in confusion.

Zed scratched his head and grinned, "well I

hesitation and struggle in the end All of a sudden.

It seemed that he had made up his mind at this moment. Suddenly, he squinted his eyes and stretched out his big hand to her.

Celia's face went pale. She looked at Ron in disbelief, just feeling so strange and terrible!

"Ron Mo, what are you doing?"

She suddenly realized that he had planned everything for tonight.

Eagerly, Ron tried to take off her clothes, ignoring her words and struggle.

She struggled desperately to resist, but she couldn't resist his power. She was so angry that her eyes turned red and tears were about to fall down.

"Ron, how could you do this to me?"

"Fuck off, you asshole!"

She used both her hands and feet to scratch and kick him, but she still couldn't stop him.

"Ron, if you dare touch me, Carlos won't let you go!"

Her words made the man who seemed to have lost his mind paused for a little while, but in an instant, he began to tear off her skirt.

Every time he touched her body, traces of violence were left. Overwhelming shame overwhelmed her, even her crying had lost her strength. Her only faith was to take the phone in the pocket.

But her phone dropped on the ground. She trembled in despair.

How could this be

How could a person completely change his original appearance in such a short time and become so terrible!

How could he do this to her when she was pregnant!

Just as Celia thought the end of the world was approaching, there was a sudden sound of "beep". Someone opened the door from the outside.

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