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   Chapter 106 Narcissistic Man

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After answering the phone, Carlos did not rush back.

After all, it was also Terence's birthday. It was a bit of a bummer to leave so early.

On the other hand, it would be nice for Celia to miss more about him.

Noticing that uncle Gu came back after a phone call, he seemed to be in a better mood.

Although his face was as cold as usual, they could see through the fluctuation between his eyebrows.

Then Terence nudged Boris. "Hey, Bobo. How come uncle Carlos is like a peacock on the screen after answering a phone call?"

Boris said while walking away from her in disgust and rubbing the goose bumps on his arms. "I'm Boris, not Bobo! And how about the peacock? "

Terence blinked his beautiful eyes and said, "or I'll say that Boris is the most naive! Don't you know why the peacock holds the show? "

Before Boris could react, Dylan shouted at Carlos.

"Uncle Carlos, Terence said you had sex!"

Carlos shot a cold glance at Terence, making him shrink his neck.

Terence glared at Dylan angrily and scolded, "you are so shameless!"

He even told Carlos!

"I'm just telling the truth!" Dylan answered with a smug smile.

"Dylan, I think that you are always trying to find fault with others because you have not been able to deal with your wife! Humph! "

Someone suddenly smashed a magazine at Terence.

Although he didn't want to admit it, he was probably right.

He had never seen a woman so hard to deal with. And of course, he had never thought of having sex with any other women before!

The two young men were talking and laughing to each other. On the other side, Carlos sat down, indifferently. However, he moved a little further, as if he did not want to be close to an idiot. He seemed to dislike being infected.

Celia Ling took a taxi to the starlight club.

Go ahead, finish the talk earlier, so that she can go home early.

As soon as the car stopped in front of the bar, the music came from inside.

Celia Ling couldn't help frowning. She put her hands on her lower abdomen and thought to herself, 'baby, mom will help you cover your ears. Please don't listen to these messy music.'.

Along the way, she passed through the crowded crowd and the man who intentionally came close to her from time to time, struggling to walk towards the bar counter.

A few meters away, Celia could see that Ron was sitting in front of the bar counter, with his elbow half resting on his head, looking dispirited.

There was a strange feeling in his heart, which was hard to describe.

She felt uncomfortable and depressed.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. When she was about to walk over, she was splashed with cold liquid on her face.

Celia frowned. She turned to the woman sitting on the right and heard the woman sneering, "can you just go away if you don't have any money? And you pretend to be a rich man. Shame on yo

t of money. She would have been killed if she had not come back!

She didn't know whether this person would really have so much money to return her

Celia put her card on painfully. She thought for a while and took one hundred more from the wallet.

"These should be enough for you to eat a few meals."

Zed was speechless, "..."

She really thought he was a homeless!

Do you have any homeless men wearing Gucci and Versace?

Is everyone here so blind?

Although Celia didn't have much hope, she still had the fantasy that one day the wandering man would make a fortune and give it back to her. So she gave her mobile phone number to zed.

After saving his phone number happily, zed dialed a number and said, "this is my phone number. My name is..."

The word "zed" was held back into his stomach.

Celia looked at the strange man who almost choked on his words and didn't plan to introduce herself.

"You have to tell me your name! Otherwise, how can I save your number? " Asked zed.

Celia Ling thought for a while and decided to tell Peter her name. She said, "Celia Ling."

Looking at her up and down, Zed said, "I didn't expect that we have same name Ling."

Celia could not believe what she had heard

Thinking that she had something else to do, she left in a hurry without further delay.

Behind her, looking at her petite back, Shirley smiled coquettishly.

"A glass of wine, please." Said the bartender, without turning back.

The bartender didn't move a bit and still looked at him expressionlessly.

Only then did zed turn to look at him. With his handsome eyebrows twisted together, he suddenly realized what was going on.

He raised his eyebrows and slapped the bar counter. "I have one hundred left!"

Hearing that, the bartender began to mix the drinks for zed.

The episode of the fight was quickly forgotten by Celia. She walked over to Ron and stopped.


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