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   Chapter 104 Call Him husband Instead pervert

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 9379

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Susan could be discharged from the hospital in a few days after such a long period of nursing.

Today, she was also taking a walk in the hospital with the company of Ron.

Unexpectedly, as she was walking, someone bumped into her from her back suddenly and Susan fell to the ground heavily.

Susan was hit by the car and she was bleeding badly on the spot.

Although she was in the hospital, it was still too late.

Her child was still killed inexplicably in the end.

As for the culprit, they didn't even see his face.

Benjamin rushed to the hospital as soon as he got the news. However, when he arrived at the hospital, he found that there were only Ron Mo's parents waiting outside the emergency room. As for Ron Mo, the fiance, he didn't see him!

Then he called dozens of times, but no one answered.

As Susan's father, Benjamin was naturally very angry.

But when he saw the pitiful look of Ron, it suddenly occurred to him that the marriage between Ron and Susan was driven by pure profit.

As a father, he saw it very clearly that Ron didn't love his daughter at all.

But his daughter was so stupid that she insisted on marrying him as long as she loved him.

If it was only from the interests, then Benjamin didn't need to fear Ron.

However, his beloved daughter cared about him so much, which made Benjamin more somewhat passive.

In particular, the marriage between the two families had gone public and now his daughter had been aborted. If Ron was still unwilling to marry her, his daughter and reputation would all be ruined!

At the thought of this, Benjamin' heart was filled with anger. But he could only change to a gentle face and talked to Ron, "Ron, I was too worried about Susan that I got impulsive. I hope you don't blame me. I know that you must have something urgent to deal with, so you left in a hurry."

Looking at him, Ron didn't answer.

"Susan has lost her baby this time. She must be devastated when she wakes up. I hope you can take good care of her. When she recovers, we can find a good time to get married. Then we will become a real family. Things will be much easier then. "

It was clear that he was flattering him, which finally made Ron look better.

He turned to his usual gentle self and said to Benjamin, "Dad, I know how you feel. I also care about Susan."

No matter what he was going to do, he should be well prepared.

'if I can make it tonight, I will dump Susan!' thought he.


After breakfast, Celia was asked by Sven to sit with her legs crossed to play video games on the floor in the living room.

The floor was covered with a soft carpet, and she felt comfortable sitting there.

Then, there was a boy and a woman, who were carefully playing the game controller in front of the TV.

Carlos was t

"That's why Mommy decided to go back first. Otherwise, Grandpa and grandma would take you away."

Pressing his lips and blinking his eyes, Sven asked innocently, "Mommy, so you are not happy these two days?"

It was an unexpected question. A trace of awkwardness flashed across Ashley's face, but soon was replaced by a shallow smile. "Yes, Mommy wants to be with Sven and daddy all the time!"

Hearing that, Celia, who was standing aside, bit her lips slightly.

"Celia, it doesn't matter if you have no time. I'm just worried that sometimes Grace has to go out and can't take care of Sven,"

She was referring to the accident that happened to Sven that day?

"No, it won't be troublesome."

No matter how much hatred she had towards Ashley, Celia had always liked a child called Sven.


If Ashley left, could she make use of this time to win Sven's favor and then make him accept the fact that his father had been with her?

Otherwise, with Carlos's method, he had been concealing the fact that he and Ashley had divorced. If Ashley came back later, she would be very depressed?

"Thank you. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

After those words, Celia went back to her room.

Until evening, Carlos did not come back.

Celia screamed anxiously.

Was he irritated by her pervert?

I don't think you are so stingy.

She turned over and over on the bed, wondering if she should call that man.

But what if he was busy?

Besides, if she called him herself, he would ask her complacently, "do you miss me?"

At the thought of this, she immediately dismissed the idea of calling him.

As she was struggling in her mind, the phone in her hand suddenly rang loudly, which startled Celia.

She picked it up and was surprised.

It was not Carlos.

It was a phone number.

A number she was very familiar with.

It was Ron.

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