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   Chapter 101 Carlos's Heartlessness!

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Updated: 2020-02-28 00:32

"What? How long will Celia stand there? "

The man's deep eyes stared at the woman who was in a trance.

"I You'd better... "

Celia could not help but feel worried to sleep in the same bed with Carlos when she thought of the men's unruly behaviors before.

But Carlos wouldn't let her have her wish. He got out of bed, walked back to her, took her wrist, and pulled her back with a little more strength.

And held her firmly with the other hand and picked her up easily.

Their distance was suddenly close, and the tip of their noses touched. Their breath was mingled.

Celia could almost hear her heart beating. She could also feel the strong heart beat right against the man's chest.

Over and over again, her heart was beating with the same frequency.

He held her and walked softly to the bedside, as if time and space were frozen.

The man's dashing eyebrows were deep, and her small face could only be seen in his deep eyes. At this moment, only he could be seen in her watery eyes.

Feeling both shy and panic, the tall man lowered his head and kissed her.

Not like his usual imperious and cold manner, this kiss was very gentle and soft, as if he was treating her most precious treasure, as if he was afraid that she would be hurt if he applied a little more force.

Celia Ling couldn't help closing her eyes to feel that tender and safe feeling.

They didn't know how long they had been kissing. The kiss was quiet and sweet until they were separated by nature.

However, after they were separated, Celia opened her eyes and couldn't get rid of him. He had put her on the bed and was about to lean towards her.

"No, don't do that..."

With a blushed face, she pushed him away, quickly climbed to the other side of the bed and was about to fall out again.

Carlos looked at her little body curling up beside. He was not amused. "Come on, be a little closer. Are you afraid that I will eat you?"

Celia blinked at him and nodded earnestly.

Carlos couldn't help laughing.

However, what she worried did not happen, and the man she had been thinking of before suddenly became quiet.

He just let her lie on the bedside, watching TV, answering the phone, and occasionally looking at her sideways.

However, Celia kep

dn't hide her hostility to Celia.

"I'll ask Boris to buy tickets for Sven and Grace. It's up to you whether to take Sven away or not."

Kevin did not explain more about his vague words. With these words, he left without hesitation.

Standing on the balcony, she felt so cold in the morning breeze.

He even let Grace go with him. Was it really...

This man, was ruthless and heartless!

Even she and Sven couldn't compete with Celia in his heart.

Last night was probably the happiest night that Celia Ling had ever had.

She was woken up by a call from Carlos.

It was only 9 pm.

She closed her eyes again and heard the mellow and sweet voice of the man on the phone. "Pussycat, get up to have breakfast."


'it seems that somebody really has a deep memory of last night.

"Well I'm so sleepy. "

"If you don't eat, the baby in your belly will also eat."

The mention of the baby made Celia a little sober.

To be honest, she had not yet had the awareness to be a mother for this sudden child.

A smooth lower abdomen sometimes made her forget that she was already pregnant.

But when he thought of the food cooked by Grace, she was a little worried.

She never thought of others maliciously, but she still had a lingering fear because of the experience that she almost lost her baby after falling over and the experience that she was pregnant.

"You don't need to worry about anything else. Just focus on your breakfast."

Carlos's words surprised Celia.

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