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   Chapter 100 Fighting Head On

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If Ashley really asked Sven to knock on the door by himself, she would probably accept it in silence.

But since it was her, she didn't have to put up with it!

Her little body suddenly stood in front of Carlos and turned around. She looked up at him and pointed at the bathroom. "Go in!"

It was the first time he saw such a powerful woman. He was surprised and smiled, "what? What do you want me to 'do' after a shower? "

Celia was even more speechless with the deliberate emphasis.

Do your head!

Carlos was looking forward to her reaction. He went into the bathroom obediently, but he didn't close the door. The door was slightly open, and he could hear her conversation with Ashley.

"Miss Ling..." When the door was opened, a warm smile spread over Ashley's face.

Celia's face was not nice. If other people saw Celia's face, they would definitely think that Celia was bullying her.

At first, she thought that Carlos was two-timing and she had always felt guilty to Ashley.

However, in the hospital, Celia realized that under the gentle and kind appearance of Ashley, there must be an evil heart.

And what she saw today, including the paintings, the body wash and the sexy dressing in the living room, all proved her guess.

Especially when she was dressed sexily! It would be impossible for her to be unfriendly to Ashley!

She was not stupid!

She was kind, but that didn't mean anyone could bully her as they liked!

"Carlos is taking a shower. What's up, sister Ashley?" She asked in a polite tone with a sweet smile.

Ashley was stunned.

She didn't expect that Celia, who had been deliberately hiding her relationship with Carlos from Sven, would say such words all of a sudden.

Although it was not a big deal, her words made it clear that she was Carlos's wife now.

"Oh, Sven drew another painting just now. He wants to show it to Carlos." It didn't take her too long to react in a polite tone.

"Carlos said he was a little tired just now. He will go to bed soon after taking a shower. Maybe we can check it tomorrow daytime. "

She even dared to seduce her husband in the living room.

If she let that man follow her into the room, something must happen!

"But Sven..."

"Let's talk about it tomorrow." A cold voice suddenly came from behind.

The two women followed the sound and saw Carlos walk out of the bathroom, wr

the phone. He stood behind her and smoothed her black hair with his left hand. He used the hair dryer in his right hand to carefully blow the hair.

She looked at the mirror in front of her.

A tall and small figure of a man and a woman could be seen in the mirror.

The man's tall figure was shrouded in her from behind. Being much taller than her, Celia could clearly see his expression at the moment.

He looked calm and concentrated, as if he was doing something very important.

The heart of the pool rippled and spread without a stop.

Carlos looked away from Celia's black hair and saw her pink face in the mirror. The corners of his thin lips curved slightly.

After drying their hair, they walked out of the bathroom together.

He held her wrist and went to the bed naturally.

Walking to the bedside, he climbed up to the bed naturally, but Celia stood still and refused to move.

It was because of the baby she was carrying, and

In fact, she was worried about Ashley. She was afraid that she might see her again?

Besides, when she raised his eyes, they met.

His deep eyes seemed to have passed through ages, the whole universe, to look into her eyes, to feel her soul, and to make her unable to look away.

This man was like a poppy. As long as you were close to him, you would be intoxicated in it involuntarily and never get out of it!

She was kind of scared out of her wits.

She had fought against Ashley and taken Carlos from her, because she wanted to give her baby a wholesome family.


Did she really fall in love with this man?

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