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   Chapter 98 It Turns Out He Likes That

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Updated: 2020-02-28 00:02

Celia could only see the sparkling light in the man's eyes. The eyes kept touching her neck. There was a fire burning in every part of her body, which nearly melted her.

Carlos's eyes widening with amazement and finally fixed on Celia's fair feet.

Celia clearly saw that the fire in his eyes was slowly extinguished.

Celia, who had been completely shocked by Carlos's gaze, was confused.

What was his response?

Why did his eyes suddenly turn cold?

She looked down and seemed to have found the reason.

She was dressed up sexily to make anyone imagine, with a pair of cartoon slippers printed with Kitty's face on her feet.


It doesn't look right.

But even so, he couldn't behave so obviously, okay?

She felt ashamed and depressed at the thought that just now he was in the living room, while she was foolishly dressing up in such a humiliating dress just to please him.

She picked up the cartoon pajamas thrown on the bed, intending to go back to the bathroom to change back.

But when she turned around, her wrist was caught.

She covered her low neckline with one hand and struggled without looking back.

Her struggle was in vain, and she was finally held into someone's arms.

A faint fragrance of mint came over and surrounded her tightly.

A warm feeling came from the tall man behind her, wrapping her in his arms, and passed through her body bit by bit.

"Let me go!"

She didn't even want to look at him.

This bastard, how dare he dislike her!

The delicate body in his arms resisted, making the already burning man more nervous.

"Don't move." He warned in a low and hoarse voice.

She sensed his difference, but she obeyed.

She still turned her back to him and snorted, "didn't you dislike it?"

He touched her head gently with his jaw, "who said that?"

You don't even admit it!


The man changed the subject. Celia could not help but feel worried. "But what?"

The hand that was holding her slender waist tightened, and his thin lips approached her ear. The warm tickling made her cheeks hot.

"You don't suit this kind of dress."

Carlos said as gently as he could to avoid irritating Celia.

But he was immediately woken up by the bump on his belly.

Celia was so angry

d out his hand to touch the bathroom door.

He pulled her into his arms with great strength.

The force was slightly rotating, and the two faced each other.

Celia's face grew hot. She resisted and tried to struggle.

"Woman, what do you want to do? Huh? "

The last word Celia uttered was filled with dark and tall sound. She blushed and her heart beat fast because of the dangerous beauty.

"I... I want to take a shower!"

She could clearly feel that the strong body of Celia who was holding her became a little strained. She was flustered.

At the beginning, she was just angry at his being so close to Ashley!

But then she was overwhelmed by his words. She wanted him to know that she was sexy, too!

"Bath?" Carlos raised the corners of his lips and asked, "okay!"

Celia looked up with her eyes blinking suspiciously.

Was he so good to her? Let her go so easily?

She tried to push him away gently, but she didn't expect that he really loosened his embrace.

Although she couldn't believe it, she still took the opportunity to rush to the bathroom.

She tried to close the door, only to find that it was heavily blocked.

She turned around and saw the man leaning against the door sluggishly with one hand propping up the bathroom door. There was an evil smile on his handsome face.

"What are you doing?"

Celia frowned and questioned.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to take a shower?"


"That's good. I want to take a shower, too. Let's go together!"

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