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   Chapter 97 Ex Wife In Left Hand And Current Wife In Right Hand

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"Dad, Auntie Celia, look at the painting painted by Sven. It's so beautiful!"

Sven's words interrupted Celia's thoughts.

The theme of the painting was written in English with a brush on the top of it: my family.

My family.

The tall and strong man on the left was obviously her father; the woman with a good figure and beautiful hair on the right was her mother. Her mother and father stood on the two sides, with two hands holding the children in the middle. Each person had a big smile on the face.

The boy's simple wish was shown directly on the paper. Sven looked up at Carlos with exception in his dark eyes.

Ashley stood beside Sven, stroking his soft hair with her fair and beautiful hand.

Two seniors and one small were standing there like the picture. The harmonious family of three totally excluded Celia.

She was depressed and turned away directly.

The sound of the footsteps drew Carlos's attention. When he saw Celia's receding figure, he patted on Sven's head and said, "keep going."

Then he walked out of the room.

In the art studio, Sven was depressed. He lowered his little head and asked, "Mommy, does daddy not like me?"

Ashley stroked her son's hair and looked straight ahead. Her words were as gentle as normal, but her eyes like a bottomless cold pool.

"No. how could daddy dislike Sven? Auntie Celia has just been discharged from the hospital today. She needs more rest. Your dad must be worried about her. "

Sven gave a choked moan. "Dad likes Celia more. He doesn't like me."

Hearing his words, Ashley didn't defend for Carlos anymore, which was quite unusual.

"Are you angry?" Carlos stopped her before Celia entered the room.

"Let me go!"

She struggled to get rid of the iron hand on her wrist, but she couldn't.

He opened the door behind her and pulled her into the room.

The door was closed and he pressed her against the door slightly.

"What are you doing? Go away! "

She tried to push her soft hands away. But she failed. Her body was as strong as an iron wall.

One of his warm hands grabbed her restless little hands, and the other hand slightly pinched her jaw, forcing her to face him.

The little woman's face was forced to face him, but her eyes were eager to look sideways.

"Are you angry?"

Asked Carlos, with smile in his eyes.

Celia stared at his cold face, showi


But it's not a big deal?

Well Is big chest great?

She didn't care about such vulgar clothes!

But it seemed that Carlos was not that kind of person. He could hardly resist the temptation!

He didn't seem to be nice to her. But why did she look so seductive in this suit!

'asshole, asshole, asshole!'!

She looked around and dropped her eyes on her luggage on the ground. It was brought back from the hospital.

As Sven had asked them to see paintings in the attic, they put them on the floor for the time being.

Then she suddenly came up with an idea. She squatted down to open her luggage.

She randomly turned around and successfully found her target.

Celia stared at the thin and black skin in front of her. She bit her teeth and changed the cartoon nightgown.

The black chiffon was as thin as cicada wings. Wearing it, people could hardly feel its existence.

Ignoring the constant knock on the door, she plucked up the courage to come to the mirror and opened her eyes little by little.

Then she saw herself in the mirror

Then a horrible scream rang in the room.

Carlos, who was knocking at the door, felt very nervous. He took back his hand, took out the key and opened the door.

Hearing the door open, Celia wanted to escape, but it was too late.

The door was opened before she walked to the bedside.

Celia froze in the room. She stared at the man who suddenly appeared at the door.

Outside the room, Carlos was ready to rush in.

But when his anxious eyes fell on his little woman over there, he was also stunned.

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