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   Chapter 96 Why Give It To Her

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The man's eyes instantly became a bit cold.

"Otherwise, you will never be able to leave!"

After saying that, Dylan was in a daze for a moment.

As he said this, he had the vague idea that she would always be around him.

Amanda's face turned pale. Although she didn't say anything, silence was her best answer.

She, refused!

"Get off!"

The man said coldly.

Without hesitation, Amanda unfastened the seat belt and got off the car.

I don't want to drive you home! 'Amanda thought!

Moreover, when she arrived at the company, she didn't want to be the thorn in the flesh of everyone and the target of many anthomaniac women.

Bang! The door was cracked.

He had a long face and was supposed to be happy since he had gained the upper hand just now.

But why did he get angry instead of seeing her leave angrily.

Amanda pouted as the car sped off. The man in front of her was unpredictable, like a chameleon.

"Get in the car!"

But she didn't walk a few steps before the car pulled over and stopped in front of her.

"Dylan, what's wrong with you? I don't want to get on. "

There were a lot of cars in this city and when they went back, the road in the back was blocked and the driver was honking.

But the man didn't seem to hear that at all, and he stared at her with his black pupils.

"I say it again. Get in the car!"

Amanda gritted her teeth and remained unmoved.

"Woman, come up yourself or I go down to hug you, choose one!"

Fine, I surrender! '!

After so many confrontations, she really believed that the man would keep his words. He held her and put her into the car.

She didn't want to disgrace.

The man seemed to be in a better mood as Amanda got into the car unwillingly.

But she didn't know that what was waiting for her next was a more "inhuman" treatment.

"Miss Tang, I remember that I told you to clean every corner of my office? What's this? "

A man's finger swept through the corner of the shelf and then held it up in front of Amanda, looking at her with a faint smile.

Frowning, Amanda was about to lose her temper, but she restrained herself.

"Boss, I take all the books down and clean them again!"

"Good girl."

'be good?'?

Standing behind him, she really wanted to give him a few punches to see if he would still say no!

"My coffee should be freshly ground. Go and make another one."

"Coffee is too hot. Let's go again."

"It's getting cold this time."

Just like this, he made a cup of coffee and Amanda ran back and forth for no more than five or six times.

Not to mention those piles of documents piled up on her desk.

To her surprise, that man commanded her to

the door immediately withdrew. Her face bulged and she said resentfully, "no! I want to go back to the Manor! "

He let her live here because he wanted to give the manor to Ashley!

For what?

She was not a competitive person. But for her child, she would not fight for what belonged to others. But for what belonged to herself, she would never easily make concessions!

Looking at her seriously with his long and deep eyes, Carlos smiled. Then, he rubbed her soft hair with his big hand and asked, "are you sure you want to go back?"

"That's my house! Except there, where are we going? "

The smile on her face widened. He started the car again and drove to the manor.

When they arrived at home, Ashley and Sven just got out of the restaurant after dinner.

They looked at each other from far away.

Ashley suddenly bent down and said something to Sven, then he walked happily towards them.

Then she took Carlos's hand and said happily, "Daddy, go and see what Sven has painted!"

Then he turned to Celia and invited her to appreciate his masterpiece.

Celia didn't know there was a special art studio in the garden until today.

In the attic on the top floor.

Carlos put Celia's stuff in her room and they went to the attic together.

The building was very spacious, with a window on the high ceiling.

The sunshine was a little strong in the afternoon, so he closed more than half of the light plate.

The beam of light went through the small window, leaving dust in it.

There were only a few wooden easels in the large building. The only work that had done was from Sven.

Carlos can draw?

Celia looked at the person beside her in surprise. A faint figure flashed across her mind.

But she couldn't see clearly the outline of that face.

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