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   Chapter 94 . I'll Defend The Right Wife

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"Bang!" the door was pushed open, followed by a strong wind. A red figure had floated to the bed.

Celia, who was standing at the head of the bed, had not had time to open her mouth. The big bags in the hands of the woman in red had instantly occupied the position of the low cabinet and the end of the bed.

"Amanda, are you going shopping?"

Celia stared at her friend and asked.

Putting down the things in her hands, Amanda quickly sat down and stared at Celia's belly.

"Celia, are you really... Pregnant. "

She reached out her hand slowly to check the belly, which looked flat.


Getting her response, Amanda put her hand on her belly gently.

"What happened?"

Celia smiled. "It's been only a while. The doctor said it would take three months for fetal movement."

Looking down at the hands on her belly, she said in an extremely soft voice.

"Dear Celia, why did you tell me such a big news? If anything happens to my baby, I will not spare you! Oh, where is Carlos? "

It was not until then that Amanda realized there was only Celia in the ward.

His wife was pregnant, but didn't see his child's father! Amanda frowned.

"He Go to work. "

Celia replied bitterly after a few seconds of silence.

"Wait a minute! Was she his ex-wife? Celia, you have his flesh and blood now. Are you going to tell me that you are going to give up your husband and the father of your child to someone else? "

Celia's facial expression was seen through at a glance.


"Do you love him?"

Before her, Amanda grabbed her hand tightly, staring at her.

Celia Ling combed her mind up and didn't know how to start. After a long time, she slowly said.

"Yes, I am. I just felt uncomfortable when I saw him getting close to his ex-wife. But if it was love, there seemed to be some distance between them."

"If I were Ron now, will he be with Susan..."

"Amanda, don't call him that."

Celia interrupted her. She felt awkward for Ron to be called bastard.

Amanda pouted. "He is a bastard! Why can't you call him like that! Even if I didn't scream, he was a jerk too! If you had seen him kissing Susan, would you still feel heartbroken? Do you have the same feeling as you have for Carlos? "


"Celia, you've fallen in love with Carlos!"

After she finished he

bed and handed it to her.

Celia curiously reached out to take the things out of the bag.

As soon as the light things were brought up, they were clearly shown in front of her eyes.

Celia Ling's face turned as red as the cooked shrimps.

... What are these pieces of cloth?

On the other side of the bed, Amanda said with a smug smile, "now you have this jade. No matter what trouble Carlos makes, you can deal with it easily!"

Celia Ling asked, "You... Do you want me to wear this for Carlos? "

Imagining the man's face when he saw her in the uniform, Celia Ling felt the heat on her face spread to her neck.

"More than that!"

As Amanda spoke, she fumbled in the bags again and again, and then a pile of black silk was found.

Holding her head high, Celia felt like vomiting blood.

Fishnet stockings!

"How is it going? Sexy? Listen up, if you wear that, and Carlos loves you so much, you'll never beat anyone, not to mention your ex-wife! "

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

Why did she feel that this kind of thing was done by a mistress?

How could she defend her position in this dirty way as a wife?

She felt quite annoyed! Very upset!

"You don't like sexy?" Amanda looked at Celia's constipated face and asked.

She was in silence.

"It doesn't matter. We have a lot of choices!" While saying that, he tried to take another hundred treasure boxes out of the bag.

At this moment, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. Celia hid the messy things on the bed as fast as Lennon's hand.

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