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   Chapter 91 Domestic Discipline!

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Her grandfather even allowed her to work in the Tang consortium!

But this was clearly not what she wanted. Even if she entered the company, the thing she wanted to go was not the Tang consortium.

Amanda turned to look at Dylan.

Although she was reluctant, she winked at the man from time to time. It was obvious that she wanted him to help her to refuse her grandpa.

However, the man in front of her was ignored.

Even worse, her grandfather had told her to take a few days off before going to work in the Tang consortium.

But this young man...

After finishing the meal elegantly and gently wiping the corners of her mouth, Dylan added fuel to the flames.

"Grandpa, how about letting her go with me tomorrow? We haven't seen each other for three years. We need more time to develop our relationship."

What's more, if she stays with me, I can teach her more and help her. Don't worry, Grandpa. I also feel at ease. Grandpa, what do you think? "

He pulled Amanda into his arms and stared at her dotingly.

The thought sent a shiver down Amanda's spine. She cast a stern glance at rufus.

"Dylan, what the hell do you want to do?"

With a voice that could only be heard by two people, she said angrily.

"Of course it's to make grandfather's wish come true. Don't worry, honey, I'll definitely satisfy you!"

The smile on Dylan's lips deepened.

"You... Shameless! "

She bit her lip and blushed when she recalled that she was in hospital. She struggled even harder in his arms.

However, no matter how she resisted, she could not escape from his control.

But because she twisted in his arms, he felt very hot.

His lips were attached to her ears, and his breath was heavy and burning.

"Honey, you don't have to do this. I promise I will give you a good night. After all, I am a little interested in your body."

Ah ah ah! ! !

Amanda was going crazy. She really wanted to slap him right now.

Then he cursed, "I'm not interested in you at all!


But when she sa

didn't she find this?

Besides, judging from the expressions of all the people present, the punishment must be extraordinary.

She just wanted to discredit Dylan, but she didn't want to make things so serious.

"No, no, Grandpa, I, I just said that, it is not that serious. Anyway, he has broken up with those women, and will never do such a thing again. Grandpa, you, you just let him go this time?"

"No way! He must be punished! Come here! Kneel down! "

He cast a stern glance at his grandson.

What? 'ten sticks?


When she saw the man get up, she grabbed his arm.

"What? Are you feeling sorry for me? "

He, actually laughed.

Different from the old smiles, this one was full of joy.

Amanda bit her lower lip and didn't know how to reply.

She held his hands firmly as he wanted to get rid of her, but his sleeves slipped away from her hands at last.

Grandpa smashed his jade crutch on the ground and gave the order.

"Don't fill the bathtub with water. Do it!"

Holding a special skill stick in his hand, Steward Tang felt very nervous.

The young master was not allowed to run water after beating ten times. Even if his health was good, he couldn't bear it.

The bluff of the stick almost frightened Amanda to death.

Looking at Leah, a smile appeared on her face.

"It's too late to regret now."

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