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   Chapter 89 I'm Jealous

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At the door of the ward, Carlos, dressed in black, with black hair and black eyes, was as cold as the wind in December, making people dare not approach him easily.

At this moment, even the fascinating woman's face turned as dark as the under pot, which was even more frightening.

Carlos also carried a lunch box in his hand, and glanced at Ron coldly. Then he looked straight at the little woman sitting at the head of the bed with eight treasure porridge in her hands. He was coming over to him with his long legs and two steps.

He stood on the side of the bed, straight forward to separate the two of them, as if he didn't see Ron at all.

The lunch box was heavily placed on the low cabinet, making a dull sound.

She stretched her long arm and took the bowl from Celia.

Celia Ling had a good meal just now. She held her hand nervously and was reluctant to eat the delicious porridge.

Carlos' face darkened. He squinted his cold eyes. Celia felt a knife coldly staring at the back of her hand. She was frightened and immediately loosened her grip.

He grabbed the bowl from Celia's hand and walked to the trash can. He threw the bowl, together with the porridge, into the trash can in front of Celia and Ron.


Ron had stood up. Looking at Celia, he said softly, "Celia, please take good care of yourself. I'm leaving now."

Then he turned around and was about to leave.

But Carlos stopped him on the other side of the road. His cold voice was very clear in the quiet ward.

"Manager Mo, if you are so free, you'd better take good care of your wife and son and the company!"

Embarrassed and stiff, Ron nodded at Carlos and left silently.

After Ron left, there were only Carlos and Celia left in the large ward, staring at each other helplessly.

Carlos glared at each other for a while. Then he groaned and walked up to Celia. He opened the lunch box, took out the dishes on it and then took out the bowls with the lowest rank.

Stirring the noodles with a spoon, he scooped up a mouthful of soup and sent it to her mouth. "Eat it," he said coldly

Celia Ling looked at the rice porridge in the spoon and pursed her lips unpleasantly.

The sight of the porridge

eceive me in this way? '.

The most important thing was to let her see his heart clearly.

Celia's black eyelashes fluttered. She denied, "No."

Carlos wasn't annoyed. He raised his eyebrows, and suddenly grabbed her chin with his hand. Pretending to be relaxed, he said, "really? It seems that I have to sleep with Sven tonight. "


All of a sudden, the little woman exploded with anger. She stared at him with her big black eyes, like a small fiery dragon that was about to flare up.

Carlos looked at her with surprise, smile and happiness. He didn't expect her to be so excited.

Celia also regretted as she said that.

She was so excited just now that she remembered what Sven said this morning.

How much Sven wanted to stimulate his mother and father to be together? At the beginning, she did not see it. However, after this morning, Celia could see that there was enmity in Ashley's eyes and behavior!

How could she treat Carlos like this——

It means that she still love him!

The woman lived under the same roof with her ex-wife who still loved her ex husband and their child

"Are... Are you really going to Sleep? How are you sleeping? "

She asked, biting her lips.

"You want to know?" Carlos narrowed his eyes and looked at her. His high voice sounded so evil.

Celia kept putting her hands together, her face plumped up. She hummed a hazy "hum".

The smile on Carlos' face became bigger. He leaned forward and asked.

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