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   Chapter 88 Let Carlos Give Birth To A Baby For Her!

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Comparing to the dull emotions of Ron, Celia found herself much calmer.

Did she see through him so she let him go?

Or... Could it be so easy for her not to care too much about him?

"Yes." She said gently, not saying much.

Because she really didn't know what to say.

A sudden silence followed by pressure and embarrassment. It seemed that the two of them could get along well with each other even though they had never talked about anything.

"Are here to visit a friend? " In the end, Celia broke the silence first, but her polite tone was so alienated.

Ron's expression was a little peculiar. Celia immediately understood what had happened.


But didn't she stay in the first hospital? Why is she here?

As if knowing her doubts, Ron explained in a hoarse voice, "Susan's condition is not good, and she has a poor physique. Since she fell that time, she has been protecting the fetus. This hospital is close to her home, and it is said that the doctors of Obstetrics and gynecology are better. So we transferred here. "

Celia Ling's heart couldn't help stabbing slightly when she heard the man calling Susan An affectionately.

"Celia..." Said Ron in a low voice, his eyes trembling.

"Okay." But she suddenly interrupted him. Looking at him with her clear eyes indifferently, she was so calm that Ron was a little flustered.

He had never seen such Celia.

She was not as innocent and pure as usual. Behind her calm expression, there was a hint of maturity that he had never known.

At this moment, it suddenly dawned on him whether he really knew nothing about her, or... It was because of him that the innocent Celia, who had always been as innocent as a child, suddenly grew up?

"Did we... We are even now. "

Celia tried to ignore the mixed emotions in Ron's eyes and spoke peacefully.

With his lips slightly open, Ron didn't speak it out.

Lowering her eyes slightly in silence, she raised her head again to look into his eyes, and said slowly, "I'm pregnant with Carlos' child."

His mouth was wide open and the shock expression on her face was gradually spreading. He was so stunned that his mind was even frozen.

On second th

she was silent.

His handsome face and gentle words reminded her of the gentle man again.

She closed her eyes and opened them again. The reality was cruel.

They... There was no going back.

"You really don't have to do this. I am not angry with you anymore."

Hearing what she said, Ron paused a little and looked at her with burning eyes. "But I still can't forgive myself," he said word by word.

Celia didn't want to talk about this anymore.

Besides, it was already irreparable. There was no need for her to pester him.

She changed her cold look and opened the lunch box. A sweet smell came to her nose.

"Ah, eight treasure porridge. I'm a little hungry."

Her eyes suddenly lit up. She changed the subject cleverly.

Ron was speechless, "..."

When Carlos came in with a thermal container in his hand, he saw the little woman sitting on the bed, eating something with a satisfied expression on her face.

On the other side of the bed, a familiar man was sitting with his back to the door.

"Slow down, be careful not to burn yourself." The man said softly.

Celia nodded and gobbled the food, which caused the man to giggle.

Celia was eating the delicious porridge when she felt the temperature in the ward dropping dramatically. The air around her seemed to freeze.

Following the source of the air conditioner, she looked up and swallowed.

At the same time, Ron looked back and saw Carlos. His face suddenly froze.

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