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   Chapter 87 Wounded

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In order to avoid her, Carlos even returned to the Jin City without caring about Sven.

His heart was completely occupied by that woman, so he couldn't see how good Ashley was!

In that case, as long as that woman disappeared, his heart could come out?

A heart that was scarred asked for comfort most, didn't it?

In the ward, Celia unhappily talked to Sven. Her heart tightened as she heard footsteps approaching.

She looked up and saw the man.

His expression was still a little cold, but not as cold as before.

Sven looked at Carlos timidly and didn't dare to say anything.

Carlos also took a glance at Sven and then looked at Ashley who looked a little pale.

A hint of gentleness appeared in her eyes, but her voice sounded a little reproachful. "Why do you sit up?"

Celia kept her eyes wide open and stared at the man cautiously. However, she still couldn't see him through.

What on earth did they talk about since Ashley didn't come in with him?

"Daddy, where is Mommy?" "Mommy, are you all right?".

Could it be that they really had a fight?

Looking at him, Carlos said in a soft voice, "Mommy is on the phone outside. She will come in soon."


Then there must be no quarrel?

Sven felt relieved.

Not long after, Ashley came in.

She lowered her head slightly. Her half falling hair covered her face. However, Celia could still see clearly her face and ...tear stains.

Did she cry?

What on earth did Carlos say to her?

And how was their current relationship?

The questions kept popping up in Celia's mind. However, it was obviously not a good time to seek answers.

"If you don't have anything else, you can take Sven back first!" It was obvious that the man who was speaking to Ashley.

Celia Ling saw that Ashley seemed to quiver a little since she entered and then said yes obediently.

Unexpectedly, Sven disagreed.

Although his voice was timid, it was full of expectations. "Dad, can I

It was not until the figure turned back and pushed open the door which was about to close by the nurse that he confronted Celia in the ward from several meters away.

They hadn't seen each other for only about a month, but now they met by chance and they all felt calm.

But what a small world.

Outside the door, Ron was wearing light colored casual clothes, which made him look tall and straight. But it was strange that his originally gentle and handsome face turned somewhat gaunt. The stubble on his lips looked even more decadent.

As they looked at each other, there seemed to be a great deal of emotions entangled in his eyes.

Her Adam's apple bobbed in her throat. He plucked up all the courage to walk in, but he stopped at a meter away from the hospital bed, and he dared not come any closer.

Celia clutched her hands which were hiding under the quilt. She was also shocked and confused.

Perhaps this was the magic of life?

She used to be so familiar with him. But now she was so familiar with him as well and didn't have words to say with him like strangers.

Even the strangers who had never met each other could become a part of each other's life in a short time.

"Celia Why are you here? Are you sick? "

After a long time, he finally opened his mouth, his voice hoarse.

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