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   Chapter 85 He Is Married To Another Woman

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Her neck was touched by the warmth of his palm. All around the light tilted and sprinkled, and innumerable rays of light reflecting her face.

Celia Ling even did not realize that her face was like a blooming rose, delicate and happy.

Looking askance gently, the man's Obsidian eyes were full of her little face.

"my true love" Is he declaration?

She felt like she was dreaming!

In an instant, Celia Ling was hugged by Carlos from behind.

After a while, some light green lights were shining in front of them.

"This is Fireflies. "

Celia screamed excitedly. She couldn't help stretching out her hand. A firefly just stopped at the point of her finger, glittering green.

She dared not make a sound, nor did she dare to move. She was afraid of scaring the cat away. She turned around and winked excitedly at Carlos, as if saying, 'look, it's in my hand.'.

Carlos saw this scene and naturally smiled indulgently. His smile was more like a dream in the bright light. His handsome face was full of gentleness and love.

Celia Ling was a little obsessed with Carlos's handsome face. This night had been buried in her heart for a long time.

He kissed her cheek and smiled. "I can't stand Celia's eyes boring into me."

Celia came back to earth and her face flushed.

She didn't know when a small glass bottle appeared in Carlos's hand. She felt it was like a magic.

"How many do you want to take back?" He asked.

These fireflies were so beautiful that Celia wanted to take this beautiful scene back to enjoy it for some time.

So they cautiously caught several fireflies and put them in the bottles. The fireflies flashed a green light as if they were going to exhaust their lives.

Celia asked after seeing these fireflies have a thoughtful look.

"Let them go. They shine with their lives and seek true love. I don't want to take them away, or they will not find their true love."

While speaking, her eyes were like black pearls.

However, she took th

rnity ward on the eleventh floor.

He tilted his head and looked at his mommy, confused.

In the hallway, Ashley pushed Sven to the wards one by one. Most of the wards were closed, but fortunately, Celia's was not close.

More fortunately, Carlos just came back.

She intentionally stayed outside that room for a while and successfully let Sven see Celia lying on the bed.

"What? Auntie Celia? " Shouted Sven excitedly, sitting in a wheelchair.

He had never seen Celia since he fell down yesterday!

Celia also heard the voice. She looked towards the door and saw Sven sitting on the wheelchair

Although Celia had been rescued on the face, her hands and feet were still cold at this moment.

She didn't know why she felt so guilty. Was it because Sven's hurt yesterday, or because she saw the sadness in Ashley's eyes.

"Celia, are you sick, too?"

Celia had a messy mind, so she just couldn't say a word. "Yes."

"What? Auntie Celia, what's wrong with you? "

She suddenly recalled the baby in her womb, and her fluster and complex feelings were intertwined into an awkward silence, and her voice became hoarse.

"A cold."

"Please take good care of yourself, Auntie Celia."

"Okay, thank you, Sven."

"Why is Miss Ling left unattended? Do you need Grace to help? " Asked by Ashley suddenly.

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