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   Chapter 84 Heart Of Moon, My True Love

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Not long after she boarded the plane, Celia fell asleep, perhaps because she wanted to dodge the bullets or because she was really tired.

When Carlos wanted to talk to her, he suddenly found that Celia closed her eyes gently and her thick eyelashes closed a shadow. She breathed evenly and peacefully.

Carlos's handsome eyebrows slightly twitched, and then he was relieved.

Seeing her hair was a little messy and adorable, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to smooth it for her.

On the way, Celia had been in a deep sleep. She didn't wake up until the plane stopped and the door of the cabin was opened. She vaguely heard the voice of Boris.


Boris said respectfully.


Carlos signalled them to leave.

Hearing his order, Boris waved to his left and right. Soon, all the bodyguards followed him and left.

Carlos held Celia carefully and lowered his head. She was looking at him in confusion.

"Celia, we're here."

His eyes fell on the slight pink color on her neck. He could not help but kiss her.

The kiss totally awakened Celia.

She remembered what he had said earlier, especially the words "Celia, behave well later!"!

Celia stood up in a rush and got rid of the man's arms.

She jumped a few meters away from him with bare feet, and her beautiful eyes were full of shyness.

The smile on the man's face became deeper, but soon his handsome face darkened.

The tall figure instantly covered the petite woman, and a deep male voice sounded in her ears.

"Don't you know you are still barefoot? Don't you know it's cold on the ground?"

As he spoke, he reached out his big hands and lifted her up. Looking at her fair feet, he frowned.

Celia didn't feel cold at all. The floor was covered with thick carpet, so she didn't feel cold at all. This man was really making a fuss.

"What are you doing, Carlos? Put me down."

"Be a good girl."

The man opened his sharp eyes, with a sullen look on his face.

He held her to the seat and put her down gently. Then he took her two bare feet in his hands.

Celia Ling looked at the man who knelt on one knee on the ground. His big thick palm wrapped her small feet.


r stand on end.

What kind of man was this? It was so weird!

Carlos took her by the hand and took her to the black horse.

He remembered when they were young, he took her to the amusement park and she rode the merry go round. All the girls chose the white horse, but she chose the black one.

He asked.

"Why do you like the dark horse?"

"Because Carlos usually wears black, so I rode on a black horse, as if I were riding on Carlos. Ha ha..."


She always had some ideas in her mind!

"How about you?"

After sitting down, Celia looked at the man next to her and asked.

He pointed at the white horse beside her.

"Princess riding a black horse, Prince can only ride a white horse."


As the merry go round went round, the breeze blew their hair. Celia held the club with one hand and the other held the man's ten fingers.

She looked at him, and he was smiling.

Although Celia didn't want to admit that Carlos was a charming man, he was easy to attract women.

At the moment, Celia Ling had mixed feelings.

When the merry go round was over, the man got off the white horse.

All of a sudden, Carlos hugged her from behind. He put a blue diamond necklace around her neck.

"Heart of moon, my true love."

His voice was sexy and attractive. The crescent shaped diamond was shining and giving out dazzling light.

Celia held up her head and as expected, she saw the three words. "My true love.".

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