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   Chapter 83 Celia Honey, You Have To Be Good Later

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On the other side.

When Celia Ling snatched the mobile phone from Carlos's hand, she saw the video sent by Boris. She couldn't help trembling and put her hands on Carlos's sleeves. Her fingertips were white.

"How is Amanda? How is she! "

Carlos looked at his wife's fierce reaction and pulled her into his arms and put her against his warm chest.

"Be good, don't be afraid. It's okay, she is alive, she is alive."

Carlos lowered his head and looked at her tearful eyes. He leaned over and kissed her eyes, leaving tears in her eyes. It was a bitter kiss.

Fortunately, she wasn't crying for any other man in front of him.

Celia didn't cry any more because of this unexpected kiss. Instead, she gradually calmed down.

She raised her little face and looked at the cold face overhead. "We have been friends for many years, but I know little about her. Am I a bad friend? Wasn't it good? "

"Honey, everyone has a side that don't want others to know, even the closest one. In fact, you don't have to worry too much. Although Dylan is a bit stubborn, I can see that he cares about their marriage very much. Although it is only a temporary marriage, so what? Who can say they won't be happy? "

He said these words to her, both to show that he and she loved each other.

Happiness was not about how to start, but as long as you would be happy in the end, it would be enough.

"Well, be good, I don't allow you to think about other people, even women."

He lifted her into his arms and pressed her head against his chest. As Amanda was the only one Celia cared about, she could care less about Carlos.

But now, she really saw him through.

He had taken a shower before, and now he was naked with only a towel around his waist, with water drops on his black hair.

Undoubtedly, the man in front of her was sexy. She even swallowed unconsciously.

Seeing the little woman in front of him suddenly blushed, the man's lips slightly hooked.

"Celia, how do you like it?"


Celia's mind went blank for a moment, and then she reacted. Her face became even redder.

Before she could react, "HMM...

Said Boris.

"Celia, let's leave the hospital right now. You must keep your words!"

Every word Celia heard clearly from the arrogant man's voice.

She was in a terrible mood.

She bit her lips and carefully poked her head out of the quilt. She was about to blind in one glance.

She saw strong lights all over the sky. Carlos was holding her in his arms, standing on a star road paved with lights.

It's How ridiculous?

On both sides of the helicopter stood two rows of bodyguards, each with a sense of dignity and wearing sunglasses.

Celia could not help feeling ashamed. Was she wearing sunglasses at night? Why?

Except for the first time he had taken her back and cornered her to force her to marry, it was the first time he had seen such a huge battle.

"Come in. Be careful not to catch a cold." A low male voice came from the top of Celia's head. She could not help but shudder.

Indeed, the wind was stronger here.

Her head was pressed back by him. Soon, he held her in his arms and walked along the starlight road towards the plane.

Celia Ling pouted. Money could be willful!

She peeked at the man through the gap of the quilt. His handsome face was especially arrogant and arrogant, and he would look down at her from time to time. She quickly avoided his sight.

When he smiled, she was even more embarrassed.

"Celia, Wish you'll have a good performance later!"


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