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   Chapter 82 I Have Been Tolerating You For A Long Time

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Updated: 2020-02-24 00:02

Before she could fully understand the situation, her breath had been swallowed up.

She didn't know whether she should struggle or accept him. She just sobbed and shook her head, pushing him away with her hands.

But when she touched his hot chest, she took her hand back immediately as if she got an electric shock.

Then, he got closer to her and held her in his arms tightly.

And her back was successfully pressed against the wall by him. There was no way back.

It was a hot chest and a slightly cold wall behind it.

"Why... Why are you here?"

It was so intimate that Amanda couldn't get used to it.

The man lowered his head. Although there was no light in the room except for the dim moonlight, he could still see her shyness.

His good-looking lips curved, and his warm breath sprayed in her ear. He blew evilly, making Amanda want to escape.

But the man didn't give her the chance.

Different from the dragonfly kissing when he woke up just now, this time, his kiss was dense towards her.

They were so close and sweet that Amanda couldn't get rid of it. She had to bear it. But in the end, she couldn't help but accept his touch. She seemed to be a lamb to be slaughtered.

A smile crept on his face.

As he lifted her hospital gown, she was wide awake.


She was struggling hard, but the more she struggled, the tighter the man was. His sexy throat wriggled up and down, and his whole body was like being roasted and burning.

He could feel his heart change so clearly

A little...

"Honey, I'm here."

A man's deep and hoarse voice came through. He was sitting in front of such a delicious dish. If he didn't eat up all the crumbs left on the plate, he would be eager to enjoy every delicious meal in this world.

Amanda bent over, intending to kiss him again. He didn't want her to turn her head and fail to kiss him.

Huh? resistance?

The man's eyes narrowed, with a hint of disappointment flashing in his long and narrow eyes. He stared at the little lamb in front of him playfully.

It's impossible to escape! '!

"You son of a bitch! I'm still a patient and you took advantage of me!"

Amanda's face was as hot as boiled water. She couldn't let this man do an

, just as you said, you let me go..."

"No way! I tell you, no matter you give birth or not, you will never leave me or even the Tang Clan! "

At this moment, he was completely enraged.


Even Amanda was annoyed. "Then what do you want? Let me tell you, not to mention you are unhappy, I have endured you for a long time. Whether it is you or me in this marriage, we are not willing. It had been like this since three years ago. Three years later when you came back, you still took it as a play. Now I have promised you, but you go back on your promise? "

"Dylan, who do you think you are? Are you the ruler of this world? "

Said Amanda with tears in her eyes.

She didn't expect that he would go back on his word. Three years ago, she was so close to happiness, but everything was ruined.

Every woman in the world wanted a true love to appear in front of them. Every woman wanted to marry someone they loved. She could have a husband who loved her dearly and had a baby of their love in the future?

She would live happily ever after.

Her beauty had been shattered three years ago, which, for her, was only an extravagant hope.

She followed her grandpa's words and came back to Tang Clan. She didn't ask him to love her. She only hoped that they would respect each other like guests.

But, this man

Her life was totally a mess, a mess!

Even if she wanted to leave him and live alone, he wouldn't let her have her wish.

How could he? For what?

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