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   Chapter 80 You Are Not Allowed To Die Without My Permission!

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"Don't come any closer, or I will jump from here!"

On the elevated highway, the man shouted in a shivering voice as he saw Amanda climbing up little by little from the lower.

By this time the police had arrived. Protection measures were taken in both the bridge and the river.


Amanda lifted the corners of her mouth and straightened her body. She looked up at the man.

"Do you want to commit suicide? Do you have a child? Parents? If you have made up your mind, will you still insist on choosing this path? "

"How stupid was it that she had chosen to love you and care about you?"

She shouted so loudly that her throat was even painful.

"Miss, please come down as fast as you can. It is very dangerous. We can turn this to the police. Please don't stimulate them again!"

The policemen down there were not only worried about Amanda's safety, but also afraid that her words would stimulate the two people above.

"James, you go up and take the lady out first."

She looked down at the man in uniform and couldn't help laughing.

"Police? Is that so? Shit... "

Seeing someone coming up, she climbed up again.

She resentfully looked at the couple who were about to jump into the river.

"If you jump off here, I will arrest and kill all your people!"


Not only the couple in the car wanted to commit suicide, but the onlookers and police were all stunned. They looked at Becky with amazement.

Amanda looked at the couple seriously. It seemed that she wasn't joking.

But she was trembling.

She felt like her heart was blocked by something, which hurt but could not be released.

"The lady up there, you..."

"What... What did you say?"

The policeman shouted in shock. The man who was about to commit suicide also looked at the strange woman in shock.

And Amanda was staring at the couple on the bridge.

If she had climbed up, desperately grabbed her mother, or threatened her, if she had jumped down, she would not have lived.

Would her mother feel sorry for her And chose to survive?


She leaned weakly in his arms and let him lead her up.

After Dylan comforted her, he lifted her to the surface of the water. At last, they were pulled into the boat by the lifeguard.

When he just laid her down on the deck, he gave her artificial respiration again, and pressed her abdomen with both hands as he whispered.

"Amanda come back to life. You are not allowed to die without my permission, understand?"

"Move her into the ambulance!"

The ship had just come to shore, and the ambulance was already waiting for them on the shore. Dylan finally came to his sense when he heard someone calling him. He picked up the girl on the ground and quickly got on the ambulance.

Under the police's direction, the crowd dispersed as Amanda was carried into the car. The matter was all over.

However, no one noticed that when everyone dispersed in all directions, a tall figure was walking towards the bridge in the opposite direction.

The man stopped and bent over to pick up the bag on the ground.

The bag was almost deformed by the man's fingers. A pity on his handsome face disappeared in an instant, followed by an expression of coldness and hatred in his eyes.

"Amanda, you said we were over. But without my permission, we can't break up!"

Looking at the direction of the ambulance, Felix bit his lip and his eyes were filled with cruelty.

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