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   Chapter 75 You Are My Only Wife

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Carlos took a deep look at her with sadness in his eyes.

"Blood friendship sickness."

Celia stunned for a moment. Blood friendship sickness? She seemed to have heard this word, and she indistinctly said it was a disease that would bleed more.

"Sven's injury is moderate. As long as the blood is properly handled, he will have no problem. The most serious problem is the hemorrhage and swelling of the joints caused by exercising. If he is often bleeding, it is very easy to cause the dislocation and even cause disability."

The more Celia heard the man's low voice, the more nervous she was.

It was so terrible and serious!

No wonder Carlos was so nervous in the first place, and no wonder foster always acted very carefully, keeping her eyes on Sven no matter where he went.

"Then, can he be cured?"

Carlos shook his head, and the sadness on his handsome face was getting stronger and stronger. "There is no effective way so far."

Celia bit her lip. She felt heartbroken that an innocent and innocent child like Sven had suffered such a terrible fate.

"Is it inherited?" She suddenly looked up at him.

Carlos nodded. All of a sudden, Celia's eyes froze and her face was full of worry.

Carlos looked at her affectionately and said, "her mother is a delivery woman."

Celia's dangling heart was slightly relieved. She looked up at him.

He was so smart to get her meaning instantly and removed her worry.

She was worried that the baby in her belly would suffer from these terrible diseases.

After this question, there was short silence between them.

She said in a muffled voice after he gave the peeled apple to her. "I don't feel like eating right now." Then she turned her head away.

She was mad at him. It was such a long time that he was willing to tell her anything about Sven.

What was her most concerned then?

He knew the meaning of the words, but he didn't say it.

Her temper was so obvious. Carlos looked at her side face and couldn't help smiling. Her little face was like a pink balloon.

"I'm not with his mother."

She looked back at him with her watery eyes and had doubts.

'what does it mean

in front of her.

She instinctively wanted to get up, but her lower abdomen was pulled and hurt again.

"Don't move." Carlos said in a low voice when he noticed the change of her expression.

Celia froze. She was stunned by that man's action.

He was going to take off her clothes.

Celia immediately raised her hands to defend herself from his approach. "What are you doing?"

"Silly girl, your clothes are wet. Change them quickly, or you will catch a cold."

"No need for you to change."

"You are my wife. I am your husband! By the way, can you change them by yourself? "

Celia wanted to move again, but her lower abdomen seemed to be against hers every time she moved.

The man didn't move, just looking at her and wondering what to do.

Celia's face turned red. She had worn a hospital gown.

"Hey, i... I need my nursing worker!"

She suddenly realized that she had spent a lot of money on her.

"She's back,"

"Go back? Why? "

"I asked her to go back,"

"I spent two hundred dollars!"

What a mean man! How could he waste her money like that!

But obviously, the contemptuous look on his handsome face has nothing to do with picking them up.

"You can waste money as you like but not everyone is like you!"

"My money is Celia's."


"Good girl, change your clothes." He coaxed her softly.

"No, i..."

Before she could finish refusing him, she had been swallowed by his hot kiss

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