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   Chapter 73 Sad, Very Sad

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She knew that what Carlos had said just now was because of Sven's injury. She shouldn't feel terrible, and she didn't even have the right to say anything.

But her heart was so painful as if it didn't belong to her anymore. She felt suffocated and couldn't breathe.

Carlos's car had gone far away. Celia was still sitting on the ground in a mess.

Other parents came around and asked about her.

Her face was pale and her chest was blocked. She couldn't say a word.

Everyone didn't dare to do anything to her and just called an ambulance.

No family member. Sitting in the ambulance alone, Celia felt her belly aching, as if there was something to be lifted from her body.

"Stomachache! Are you pregnant?"

According to her symptoms, the doctor made such a judgment.

Celia was a little surprised. She frowned and became more confused.

"When is your last period?"

"Don't you even know that you have menstruation? Did it postpone? "

The doctor had a look at Celia's age and thought she was still young, so she must have no self-respect for the sake of sex.

Celia endured the pain and tried to recall.

It seemed that it had been nearly ten days late.

But she was quite tired recently and fell asleep as soon as she got home, so she didn't care about it at all.

The thought made Celia's face paler and paler. She clutched her hands falling on both sides involuntarily, which made her lower abdomen even more painful.

"Relax, don't be nervous. There is little blood and it is not serious."

The doctor comforted her, frowning. Then he asked the nurse to give her a tranquilizer.

A sharp pain grabbed Celia's head. She felt like she had been drained. The doctor's words kept repeating in her head. As a result, Celia, who was usually afraid of having an injection, didn't even notice that the nurse had injected her with tranquilizer.


She's pregnant?

Everything had been proved by the doctor's prediction.

She was really pregnant, and it was Carlos's child!

The child of a man who knew her for less than several months and would be divorced in three years!

Everything had been deviated from the original track after the Mo clan's incident. To t

ect the baby's safety.

Before she decided whether to keep the baby or not, she had to be responsible for him.

About half an hour later, Celia received a call from Grace.

"Madam, where have you been with Sven?"

"Grace, I'm at a friend's house. Sven is with his father."

She didn't want others to know that she was pregnant, especially Carlos.

So she could only hide the fact that Sven got injured from them.

Grace was worried about Sven. She wouldn't misunderstand Celia's words, so she hung up the phone in a hurry and called Carlos.

After a while, her phone rang again. She took it out and found it was Carlos calling.

She clenched the phone, and then loosened, and clenched it again and again. Her eyes were full of struggle.

But she finally didn't answer it.

She was unable to have a good conversation with that man.

Besides, she didn't want him to know that she was pregnant, and she didn't want him to interfere in her decision.

But if she thought carefully, she was afraid that if Carlos knew that, he would ask her to have an abortion!

After all, they were just an arranged couple. If they had a child, the relationship would be awkward.

The phone stopped for a moment and rang again. However, Celia insisted not to answer the phone, and she didn't take the initiative to hang it up either. She didn't want Carlos to think that she was like this because of anger.

She was not angry with him. She was just Sad, very sad.

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