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   Chapter 72 Never Looked At Her

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Celia felt that she owed this man more.

Moreover, there is no end to paying.

After a few days' time together, Celia Ling and Sven had a good relationship.

That day, Sven got up very early. He had planned to go to Celia's room to wake her up, but when he opened the door quietly, he saw that she was sleeping deeply. So he tiptoed out of the room.

Celia was very sleepy recently.

He knew that her Grace went out to buy food very early every day, and she liked walking, in order to exercise her body. In this way, he would have enough free time.

The day before yesterday, he followed Celia to walk around the manor. He saw a small football field not far away, where some children were playing.

When Grace was at home, he couldn't go out at all. He had stayed with his dad for so long that he was almost bored to death.

When he finally ran out of the manor, Sven was so happy that he almost jumped up.

Although he wanted to see the children playing games, he slowed down his pace.

He didn't know what was wrong with him, but every time he did exercise, the joints were easy to bleed. He had experienced this situation several times, so he didn't dare to be willful anymore.

Before he reached the court, he heard the children's joyful voice, and his heart flew with it.

The court was not very big, but the details were in accordance with the standards. The grass was real. The children's uniforms were in the same shape and the faces were vivid.

Sven walked up to the grandstand and sat down. He also sat down in front of some elders who were sad and dejected.

"Young boy, did you just move in here? Why I've never seen her before? " One of the old men noticed Sven.

Sven blinked his eyes and nodded cutely. "Yes, Grandpa. I just came here."

"Young boy, what's your name?"


"Good boy. Sven, do you also want to play the game?"

Sven was a little surprised. He bit his lip and wanted to nod, but finally he shook his head. "I, I can't play."

He had never kicked the ball, and he couldn't even see any sports equipment at home.

The old man was a little surprised, but he could tell the desire in his eyes. Generally speaking, children of his age would join in if they were interested.

"It doesn't matter. He is my grandson, and I'm sure he'll be a captain soon. And he didn't play football before." He pointed to a little boy over there.

"Come on. Don't be cocky! My grandson wasn't willing to b

is be?

Not daring to delay any longer, Celia lifted him up with all her strength and ran out of the hospital. Sven had to be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

Some kind parents offered to drive them to the hospital, but she had already seen the black Maybach not far away.

Carlos came.

Celia Ling's face was full of guilt. Looking at the man's gloomy face, she felt even more sorry. She should have stopped him earlier!

"I'm sorry..."

As soon as she spoke, the man took the injured Sven away from her arms. She was out of breath just now because of Sven. She was pushed by Carlos backhanded and her legs became flaccid and she directly fell to the ground.

Celia didn't care much about this. After all, Carlos didn't pay much attention to such minor details as how Sven got injured. However, when she was about to stand up, there was a tore pain in her lower abdomen. She just remembered that, but she fell again.

The man on the other side of the phone had already hurriedly left with holding Sven in his arms. Along with Carlos, Boris also came over. Seeing that Celia had fallen on the ground, the man was about to help her. However, as soon as Boris saw her, he heard the man on the other say coldly, "get in the car!"

Although he wanted to say something, he still didn't dare to disobey his master and got on the car.

Sitting on the ground, Celia felt more and more painful in her lower abdomen, as if it would never stop.

Her face was pale. She looked at Carlos, who didn't even look at her from the beginning to the end. She felt pain spreading all over her body, and it had invaded her heart!

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