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   Chapter 68 The Sly Cat

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People said Celia was not Sally, but he didn't believe it!

He had taught her to swim when she was a child, so he didn't need to worry that she couldn't swim.

"Sir and madam..."

Grace had stayed there for a long time, but she couldn't bear it and ran to Carlos. She broke out in a cold sweat.

Although it has not been confirmed that Mrs. Gu is pregnant, but all the signs are clear.

She was really afraid that Mrs. Gu would be in danger if things went on like this.

Just when Grace came over and was about to tell Carlos that she might be pregnant, she saw the smile on Sir's face the next second.

Celia had kept floating in the water.

She was wet all over. She slid to the edge of the pool awkwardly. When she was about to climb up, the man standing by the shore extended his hand to her.

Just like many years ago when she was learning to swim, she was carried up from the water by him.

"You little naughty." He pressed his face against hers and rebuked her with a smile.

She knew how to swim, but she did not tell the truth.

With a pale face, Celia bit the man's arm mercilessly until it was bleeding.

It was said that drowning people could swim. In England, she almost had an accident to save a little girl, so she was afraid of water later.

But today, God knew what the man was crazy about. He just threw her into the water. It was so disgusting.

Seeing that Celia was fine, Grace heaved a long sigh of relief.

However, she didn't understand what Carlos wanted to do. 'Is he not afraid that Celia will be drowned in the pond?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she felt. Carlos could do anything to such a loving wife, let alone a servant like her.

On the other hand, when Grace felt the coldness coming from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, a lady's face and words came to her mind.

No matter how the lady threatened her, she didn't dare to take any further action.

Back in his bedroom, Carlos took a shower and changed his clothes to go out.

On the bed there, with a long face, Celia looked at the man, who was looking for a hair dryer

k in his eyes changed and tried to stop him.

"No, Sven is still here."

"He's asleep."

"But what if he..."

She couldn't win him in the end.

Everything seemed to be on track. The appearance of Sven and Ashley didn't seem to be as serious and terrible as Celia had thought.

It was weekend, Celia gradually realized that Carlos' physical condition was very serious.

When she arrived at the manor, she didn't pay much attention to it. She only knew that he had the habit of sleeping late and waking up early, but she didn't know that was the result of his insomnia for many years.

As Celia came to the hospital, Carlos naturally encountered delicacies.

At half past six in the morning, Celia got up and found that the man had already gone.

After she got everything ready, she went out for a walk and saw Carlos playing tennis.

Boris stood by and waited.

He was tall and straight in the morning light and wearing a white sport suit.

As the ball that the tennis machine kept shooting, he could hit the ball freely every time.

Besides, he was good at changing his left and right hands.

She thought that he might have been able to use his left hand because of the practice.

While she was thinking, she remembered the golden medal she saw in the closet, and she seemed to know something in an instant.

The man on the other end of the line saw her and waved to her. "Come here."

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