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   Chapter 67 He Is Alive, But He Is Dead

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First hospital.

These two documents contained the same person!

The medical examination report of Celia Ling.

Brain: normal;

Heart and lung: good;

Intestines and stomach: weak;

Four limbs: his left fingers had been damaged;

On the way back, Carlos repeatedly thought of the detailed medical examination report.

He asked the doctor. "Will she lose her past memory before she is seriously injured in her brain?"

"It's also likely that she has been suffering from a temporary amnesia because of psychological problems," answered the doctor

"Then how long will it take to recover?"

"It depends on the situation of each person. Because of different circumstances, some people may soon recover their memories, while some people may not even be able to recover in ten years. What's more..."

On that day, both the doctor and Boris thought Carlos was very strange.

He didn't mention anything about sisters or something like that, but insisted on studying Celia if she had short amnesia.

How could he be so confident to conclude that these two people were the same person?

In fact, no one knew what Carlos was thinking.

From the hospital to the manor, Boris felt that his young master was too calm.

However, there was always no difference, and that was the biggest difference.

When they got out of the car, Carlos told him some business matters. He even joked with him for the first time.

Boris didn't feel amused. On the contrary, he broke out in a cold sweat.

"Where is my ladyship?"

As soon as Carlos entered the house, he asked Grace.

"Both ladyship and the young master have fallen asleep,"

"Tell Mrs. Gu to get up and tell her that I'm waiting for her in the hot spring pool."

Grace froze for a second and nodded. "Yes."

In the hot spring pool, there was clear and bright water, which was suitable to the temperature. On the table next to the pool, there was an exquisite French cuisine, black tea, fragrant and reckless.

However, these things were far less attractive to Celia now than to sleep.

She didn't wear any make-up, and her messy hair was casually tied up behind her head. When she saw Carlos not far away, she walked towards him in a lazy way.

Before she could completely get close to him, he suddenly walked over and hugged her. She exclaimed.

When she was angry and embarrassed, the smile

ed, he didn't cry or show any sadness on his face. He was too calm, but in fact, he was too twisted.

He and Sally had lived together since childhood, even if he was discharged from the orphanage.

For survival, for him and her life, he continued to have connection with the Gu Clan, which he hated so much.

He thought their life would be better and better, but five years ago, she died.

Accompanied by the sounds of alarm in despair, the girl in a flower like age turned into a scorched corpse overnight.

He came up with the idea of seeing her, giving her a gift, a surprise.

He had prepared so much for her, the long-time separation, and so much to say to her.

But she died.

He had been completely devastated on the way to see her, which he had always wanted.

He seemed to have fallen from heaven to hell. However, everyone like policemen, doctors and so on around he was talking.

He couldn't hear anything, as if he were deaf.

Who would like to admit that the bloody person was his Sally!

Sally was born so well, and was often teased as if she was a dangerous beauty.

'Golden age is the time when girls love to be beautiful. He hasn't shown her the new dress she bought for her yet!'

On that day, looking at the figure on the ground, Carlos thought, 'if she knew she is like this, she must be crying.'

Till he saw Celia Ling again, he felt that it must be God's bless for him.

But, why didn't she remember him anymore?

Even if that was the case, it didn't matter. He wouldn't mistake his wife for Sally. They all said that she wasn't!

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