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   Chapter 65 Vicious Ashley

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"Boss, the hospital..."

"Yes, now."

The man stood up and said indifferently.


Looking at the expression on his boss' face, Boris pursed his lips and finally said.

It seemed that it would take a long time for him to get rid of Blue. Well, forget it. Just let him go if he didn't want to see him!

No one knew clearly than he that Boss had been hurt and numb.

Along the way, they kept silent until they arrived at their destination. "Boss, we have arrived at the hospital."

Leaning against the back of the chair, Carlos didn't get out of the car. He held the lighter in his hand. Although he didn't smoke, he kept lighting it.

Boris was confused. "Boss, you..."

"What should I do, spark? I'm a little nervous now."


Boris was stunned by what his young boss said.

When Gu's father took over the company in the past, it was actually quite dark. All the profits were earned from "dark". It was not until it was in the hand of Boss that it was all on track.

The Gu consortium was used to entering the dirty business. Once it developed into a clean path, it would inevitably cause the struggle between hidden forces and those old people.

A few years ago, in order to help the Gu consortium to enter the right path, Carlos, who had been stabbed several times with murder, never said he was nervous or scared.

Now, he said he was nervous.

Boris was surely aware of that.

Boss had a high position, and had to suffer a lot.

He was afraid that nobody would believe him even if he told him the truth.

After experiencing so much, Boris thought no one would never let his young boss feel unexpected in this world.

But now, he also felt obviously uneasy.

After a short while, Carlos had got out of the car. On the other hand, Boris had no time to adjust his mood and quickly pushed the door open.

Carlos said with a frown. He had been accustomed to his cold face. Although he was agitated, his face was still cold.

He waited for a long time until the doctor came in.

"President Gu, please sit down."

Out of politeness, the doctor wanted to pour a glass of water for Carlos, but he was stopped.

"Don't bother

fter he hung up, Grace's phone rang again.

Taking a glance at Sven, who was playing the jigsaw puzzle alone, Grace went to the balcony with her phone.


She called her respectfully.

"Please take care of Sven, Grace." Ashley said.

"You're welcome, Mrs. mu. It's my job."

"Well, I have called Sven, too. He has always been fond of drinking the almond and the porridge of job's tears. He just told me that he wanted to eat. If Grace is free, buy him some."

Grace was surprised. When young master answered the phone just now, she was sitting beside him all the time. So she didn't hear this.

But she couldn't tell whether it was because she was too sensitive. The work of job's tears and the almond blossoms, both of which are dangerous for pregnant women, because they can smooth the baby.

In particular, the almond had a kind of poisonous substance, which could make the fetus suffocate and dead.

Then her drowsy look appeared in her mind. At once, she looked worried.


The silence on the other end of the line made her speak again, and her voice had been slightly cold.

"This is his favorite. I cooked it for him."

Grace was stunned by her words

But Mrs. Ashley hadn't spent much time with Celia, so how could she judge that Celia was pregnant only by a few words of Sven.


She would rather mistake it than let it go?

But how could a gentle lady like her have such a vicious heart?

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