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   Chapter 64 His Girl

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Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!

The servants in the manor, including Grace, and Sven, were shocked by Celia's comment on Carlos.

Was she cursing Carlos?

No matter she was coquettish or really angry, her words would certainly provoke Carlos, and as for the consequences, she would definitely have a hard time.

But now Mrs. Gu scolded Mr. Gu in this way while Mr. Gu was smiling in the back?

'Is Mr. Carlos so happy to be scolded by such a woman?'?

They had no idea how embarrassed Celia was just now at the subway station. She was afraid that the photos of them would be uploaded on the Internet.

He wouldn't return the ticket until she called him husband.

How could she agree to it? She cursed "shameless" and was about to grab it.

But no matter how high she bounced, he just lifted his long arm and she could only pounce in the air.

He just teased her like that, which really annoyed her.

When she pounced on him, he didn't dodge.

Of course, he was well prepared for it. He took her little paw in his arms easily and her whole body had been in his arms.

"Celia knows that I'm cold, so she keeps me warm on purpose?"

He looked into her eyes with a faint smile.

Celia was ashamed and angry. She wanted to push him away, but his big hand held her waist more tightly.

"Carlos, you have no shame at all. You are a CEO. Shame on you!"

"Shame? How much is shame for me to hug and kiss my wife?"

She exploded with anger, but he didn't seem to notice it. His burning breath was closer to her ear, and even a breath and a breath were clear and clear to her.


Her voice was tempting. But next.

"If you don't want me to kiss you, then come back and kiss me."

This man was so mean!

The girl was annoyed. She put her finger on his arm, and her nails instantly scratched a mark of blood.

Carlos didn't care about the pain on his hand. He bent down and continued to press closer to her.

The kiss was so touching that Celia couldn't move any more.

This unbridled and long kiss had attracted the attention of


The Secretary General was stunned for a while. He should have thought about it.

"Boss, you mean, second young master is back?"

Carlos sneered. "I have nothing to do with him."

It was Jeffery, the second young master of the Gu Clan and Carlos' half brother. Five years ago, Jeffery was almost shot to death by Carlos.

When he came back, Carlos ignored him completely.

Later, the Secretary General came back to the office and said that the director of Blue called and wanted to meet Carlos.

"Who? He doesn't deserve it! " The Secretary General stopped saying.

He had the qualification to look down upon anyone.

Quite arrogant!

Speaking of Jeffery would remind Carlos of his first time using a gun.

He shot him and blood splashed all over his body, protecting a girl named Sally.

It was on that day that Carlos, wearing a blood stained shirt, left his home with the girl in his arms. He had broken all the ties with the Gu Clan.

Since then, he had kept a low profile and started to hide his true colors. He knew clearly that only when he was extremely powerful could he protect the people he wanted to protect.

However, no one would have thought that when he finally reached the peak of martial arts and reached the highest level, he had lost his most precious girl.

In the past five years, nobody could understand Carlos' loneliness.

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