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   Chapter 63 Call Me Husband

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What was he doing? He didn't care about her leaving at all, did he?

What trick was he playing now?

Besides, why would she spend money on him!

She withdrew her card from Carlos's hand angrily. Celia took a ticket and turned around to leave, without even looking at the people behind.

Carlos looked at Celia's back with a smile.

It was the rush hour and there were many people in the subway. Celia was crowded in the car as soon as she got on.

In the crowded cars, she was taken aback by the coming Carlos. He put his arms around her waist and pressed her against the other car.

They were so close to each other that there was no space between them. Celia was angry and embarrassed, without any expression on her face, as if she had seen him as a stranger.

Later, she felt his hand holding her waist. Then it slipped into her clothes. Suddenly, her face flushed. She was completely irritated.

They stood face to face and looked into each other's eyes. The shyness on her face and the warning in her eyes were obvious.

However, he didn't restrain himself at all. When she obviously felt his long fingers sliding past her, her face was red all the way to her white and tender neck.

She finally opened her mouth before he did more terrible things. "Car..."


Carlos stopped her with the index finger on her tender lips.

Can't call him by his name in public.

"Celia, can you see me now?"

He finally pulled his big hands back, held her in his arms, and whispered in her ears.

Celia's face darkened. She ignored him again.

There were more and more people on the subway. The bus was already crowded with people.

Celia Ling's shoulder leaned against the handrail. The subway would hit against the handrail every time it stopped.

Noticing this, Carlos put his arm on the fence and held her in his arms.

She pressed her face against his chest and was a little distracted with the subway running.

She couldn't see him through.

Sometimes he looked gloomy, sometimes evil, sometimes cold, and sometimes warm.

He was really confused.

Such a man was so complicated.

When she was at a loss, someone pulled back the long hair nea

all the subway tickets she carried were gone at the check-in gate.

She instantly understood that it must be that man's trick.

She couldn't go out without a ticket. Even if she were unwilling to go, she had to wait.

Carlos walked very slowly. When he came up in the elevator, there was nobody else.

He smiled when he saw the little woman standing there.

"Celia doesn't like to go with me, does she?"

Celia was irritated by Carlos's words, but she managed to be patient and asked.

"Where is my ticket?"

"I'm just a stranger to you. How could I have your ticket?"


Instead of going home urgently, he leaned against the wall and looked at her with an evil smile.

"Celia, who am I to you?"

He touched her chin gently with his long fingers, and the fingertips moved and refined, which made his eyes deeper.

"Celia, give me a kiss, and I'll give you the ticket."

Celia couldn't break free from her grip. "Scoundrel!"

Hearing her words, he took the initiative to press her, pinched her chin and kissed her.


Another kiss.

"You pervert!"

kissed again, making her blush. "Is that all?"

She didn't respond, but only looked at him with a pair of ashamed and angry eyes.

He helped her with evil tricks. "Since you have nothing to say, just call me 'husband'."

She turned her face away. No.

However, her chin was pinched by Carlos, forcing her to look into his eyes.

"Call me husband."

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