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   Chapter 61 Wouldn't Celia Miss Me

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"Thank you, uncle Tang. I just entered the house by mistake today. I have made it clear with him. From now on, we are just strangers."

What the housekeeper Tang said stirred up waves in Amanda's heart. If she had still believed that Dylan was a playboy who only knew how to play the field three years ago. Three years later, after getting along with him for so many days, she knew that he was not as simple as he looked.

Knowing that his purpose was for her good, she nodded at him gratefully.

Housekeeper Tang smiled. "I do this not only for lady, but also for master Tang. He is getting old now and has been smiling more happily recently as Lady and young master move back."

"You can rest assured. I won't have any trouble with Felix Li. I won't put my grandpa in a dilemma."

"Yes. I didn't know anything just now and nothing happened. I met Mrs. Tang in the corridor. Dylan has been looking for you for a long time. Please follow me!"

The housekeeper Tang invited Amanda in a gesture of kindness while speaking.

Amanda had just followed the housekeeper not far away, and several men in black appeared in front of them.

Needless to say, she already knew who it was.

"Hey, why are you avoiding me?"

A cold male voice came from afar and nearer. Amanda could not help but shudder all over.

"I I just go to the bathroom. Why do you have to go there? With so many people. "

She glanced at the bodyguards behind him and wondered if it was necessary to be so high-profile.

"Bathroom? Then why didn't you inform me of your coming to the engagement party? Is it because of the engagement of your ex boyfriend, and you want to snatch it? "

He cast a cold glance at her, which made Amanda feel guilty.

At the door of the banquet hall, Sven saw Celia walking towards them together with Carlos. He fixed his big eyes on her, but no wonder what he was thinking.

The man next to Celia still held her hand tightly. She couldn't break free from his grip.

'this shameless man. If I hadn't forced him to divorce me when I went back, I would have been...'

If she happened to be seen by others by accident, she would really die!

"Aunt, I'm sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. I hope you won't be angry with Sven."

The moment Celia approached, Sven raised his head and whispered to her.

Celia was not the only one who w


After Grace left, she found that Sven seemed to have finished the phone call. He looked thinner lying on the bed.

But apart from these, this child looked normal. She didn't know what disease he had.

What a pity!

Seeing Celia, Sven also got out of bed at once.

"Auntie, daddy isn't here today. Can you take me out for a walk?"

Celia walked towards him and touched his head.

"Okay. But don't you need to go to school, Sven?"

It was not a holiday.

Without warning, Sven's face darkened. He lowered his eyes and whispered after a long time. "I don't have to go to school now."

Celia was surprised. She hadn't gone to school?

Does it mean that he went to school before and terminated afterwards?

Because His body?

"Yes. Daddy hired a teacher to teach me at home." The little fellow continued.

Celia nodded to show her understanding. She didn't ask much and changed the subject.

"Let's go downstairs to have dinner first, and then Aunt Celia will take Sven out to play, OK?"

Sven was so innocent that when he heard that they were going to have fun, his unhappiness was immediately swept away.

Most importantly, he believed his mommy. And he did what his mommy said. In that case, would his mommy like him?

"But Sven doesn't want to eat at home. I wants to eat something delicious."

"What do you want to eat, Sven?"

The little guy rolled his dark eyes to Celia and asked in a timid voice. "I want to eat KFC, shall we?"

Celia was surprised. This kind of food could be seen everywhere on the street. How could he still want to eat?

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