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   Chapter 58 Seduce My Dad's Bad Woman

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 7256

Updated: 2020-02-18 00:02

"Are you seducing my daddy's bad woman?"

The boy's voice grew colder as he saw Celia's calm face.

"Did you have a son before you married me?"

"No, she didn't."

His words still lingered in her ears, but now

Celia fixed her eyes on the boy. He had thick eyebrows and eyes that resembled Carlos very much Like his mother?


"Hey, are you dumb?" The boy was getting more and more impatient.


"Sven! How could you be so impolite! "

Along with Carlos' low voice, there was a woman's voice.


The boy turned his head to look at Celia. He was so proud to see his mother.

"No matter who you are, see! This is my mommy!"

In an instant, Celia's face paled uncontrollably.

The woman had white skin, beautiful face and eyes as beautiful as ink painting.

Mommy, Daddy...

Such a relationship made Celia suddenly feel flustered as his mistress was caught red handed.

The atmosphere froze. Celia's hands and feet also turned cold.

She tried to get rid of his hand, only to find that it was held more tightly.

Celia bit her lips hard, and her eyelashes trembled. She didn't even realize that there was a hint of desolation on her face, which was almost mixed into tears.

He lied to her!

Although she was unwilling to admit that the anger at this moment was because of him, the pain spread from her limbs to every part of her body.

The crowd stopped gossiping as Carlos cast a cold glance at them. They looked at each other with disdain on their faces and guesses.

Celia Ling even despised herself.

What the hell was she doing?

She looked at the little face in front of her, barely suppressing her feelings, and indifferently looked away from the man next to her.

"Nice to meet you. I'm your father's ...Sister?"

Carlos' eyes darkened and his handsome face was covered with ice.

What did she say? younger sister?

How could she think of that!

Last night, she slept under him, but when he moved closer to her, she didn't recognize him?

"Sister? Why hasn't Daddy mentioned it to me? "

After all, Sven was still a child, simple minded.

"Yes, ...he treats me as his sister not h

e could respond, the tall figure threw himself over and covered her little body.

In an instant, Carlos' strong male breath was like a sudden rain.

"Sister? Since Celia likes to play this way, should she call me 'brother'? "

He pressed on her, his eyes burning like fire, and his voice was hoarse and sexy.

"You, let me go."

In his arms, when his big hand moved down little by little along her waist, she quickly struggled as if she got an electric shock.

At the same time, Ashley asked Sven to wait for her at the door, but she followed them.

Although it was a little far from them and Ashley couldn't hear their conversation, she could still feel the aura around that cold man.

With his calm and unruffled character, he couldn't be so immersed in Celia if he didn't love her deeply.

After so many years, she had tried to seduce him again and again, but he had never been touched

Even if this time she could get him, but she had never got him.

Hearing that, Ashley felt heartbroken, as if her heart was stabbed by a knife.

She clenched her fists, and after a long time, her slightly ferocious look gradually calmed down.

She turned around, walked to Sven and pulled him into her arms.

"Sven, listen to me. Miss Ling is daddy's friend and she is living with daddy now. Sven, you should get along well with her. You should be the child of a director. Only in this way can daddy like him. Do you understand?"

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