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   Chapter 56 Daily Life Of A Couple

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Carlos looked at her deeply and answered without hesitation.


"It's my turn." He reminded.

"All right." Controlling her excitement, she waited for his question quietly.

"Did you have any other boyfriend before he was together with Ron?"

Such a question almost choked Celia.

But she still shook her head.

Carlos took a sip of the soup quietly.

Celia looked at the man's cold face and thought that he was indeed capricious.

But she didn't want to give up so easily, so she kept asking.

"What about the girl you like? Where is she now? Why aren't you with her? "

Carlos raised his eyelids. "One each."

Celia took a deep breath and refined the liquid. "Why don't you marry the GIRL you like?"

Carlos looked at her deeply again. "Who said that?"

"Carlos, be serious!" She said shyly.

The man didn't answer directly but showed a helpless expression.

"Did you encounter any bad thing in England before you came back?"

The question of Carlos shocked Celia.


After a fierce struggle of thoughts, she was about to answer, but it suddenly occurred to her that it was time for her to ask him a question.

"Well, did you have a son before you married me?"

Her hand holding chopsticks tightened unconsciously, and she finally asked this question. Her tension was revealed.

Carlos looked at her for two seconds, thought for a moment, and then said lightly, "No."


Celia widened her eyes. Such an answer was totally different from Celia's.

She looked at him suspiciously. "Really? You can't lie to me! "

Carlos had finished his meal and stood up. "Really, no!"

He turned around and said to her, as if he didn't want to continue the conversation.

"Celia, come on. I'll be waiting for you in bed."


"Help you review."

She was about to get angry when he added.

She waved her fist at the man's back.

She heard clearly what the child said at that time, but he denied it.

Was it a adopted child?


He was lying to her?

Sitting at the table, Celia suddenly became agitated.

Kissing was addictive, and even ...he was the same.

However, to Celia's surprise, she seemed to get a better sleep recently. She basically had no dream all night and was very relieved.

But after a night, they slept over.

"Oh my God! It's nine o'clock now!"

Celia looked at the time and was no longer sleepy.

Carlos woke up earlier than her. He was wearing a tie in front of the mirror.

"Why didn't you wake me up?

isplaying the variety of communication among her friends. She can speak English, but she can't understand other languages.

Then she stole a glance at Carlos.

It was the first time she saw him at work. Although his face was still cold, he looked calmer and more composed at this time. His every movement was showing his great leadership.

He was calm and wise. His eyebrows were full of earnest. He didn't say much. But once he said, people would listen subconsciously.

The meeting was still going on. Celia didn't know much about the content of the meeting, so she looked at him. The sound around her ears gradually faded away. At last, she lost her voice and there was nobody except him in her eyes.

An hour later, the meeting was over.

Finally, one of them said German after the meeting.

The interpreter was stunned for a moment on hearing the word. She didn't speak it out.

Many people in the video, including Boris and the Secretary General, all looked at Celia. A sly smile appeared on their faces.

The corners of Carlos' mouth couldn't help raising. He looked at Celia with his deep eyes.

Celia Ling was confused. She looked at Boris and asked nervously, "Did I make a fool of myself?"

She had been sitting there quietly and had nothing to do.

"No, you didn't." Said Boris with a smile. The atmosphere in the meeting room was getting more and more tense.

However, the more Celia looked at it, the more threatening she felt. The looks from these people were too weird.

When they all packed their stuff and left, she quietly held Boris' hand. "What are you laughing at? Tell me. "

"Well Madam, go and ask Boss." Boris hastened to escape.

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