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   Chapter 55 Do You Have Someone You Like

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"What's wrong?"

Carlos asked coldly when he saw Grace.

"Master, you came back early today and the dinner is not ready yet. What about..."

Carlos waved his hand. "You can all go to rest today. As for dinner..."

Then he moved his eyes slowly to Celia.

The burning eyes of Carlos surprised Celia. She looked at Grace and Carlos at first, and then raised her finger to point to herself after hesitation.

"Do you want me to..."

The man grinned.

"Celia, I'm helping you with your examination. Shouldn't you thank me?"


She stared at the man.

When did she ask him to help with her study? It was all his decision!

"The exam is easy. Of course, if I help Celia prepare for the exam..."


Celia requested anxiously. "Okay, okay! I'll cook for you!"

As she had known before, this man was very capable. He knew the basic rules and cases well. If he could really help her study, she would easily pass the exam.

'It's just a meal. It won't be difficult, ' she thought.

But she

...can't cook!

But Carlos didn't forget to add some tonic words.

"Celia, cooking is the most basic job for a wife."

Her face turned green.

Seeing her little figure went to the kitchen angrily, a satisfied smile appeared on Carlos' face.

"Come on, Celia. I'm going to deal with something. When I come back, I hope the kitchen is still alive."

Celia had already walked to the kitchen door. She stopped and turned around to wave her fist at him. What did he mean by saying that the kitchen was still healthy? Could she blow it up!

After arriving at the kitchen, she took out the phone and started to search Google.

There was a big variety of materials in the kitchen, including vegetables and other raw materials. Looking at the various kinds of delicious food on the mobile phone, she flinched.

At last, she finally chose the simplest fried eggs with tomato, which was widely acknowledged as the easiest and simplest one!

The first step was to pour oil.

But when she just put the oil in the pot, the oil splashed. She was so scared that she stepped back and even threw away the spatula and spoon.

Before Carlos reached the kitchen door, he heard the noise inside, as if they were fighting. He could not help but raise his head and speed up his steps.

Seeing tha

e and her sitting beside, he felt that the rare warmth made him feel that it was enough for his whole life.


Celia glanced at Carlos sitting opposite to her. He lowered his head and used chopsticks to poke the food in her bowl. "When, when is your birthday?"

Carlos raised his head and asked. "What? Celia wants to celebrate my birthday? "

"I just... Just want to know more about you. "

"Isn't it our knowledge before we got married?"

Celia snickered in her mind.


They had met each other for a few times before marriage!

"On 9 December"

"Oh, I see. Why... Why haven't you gotten married yet? "

Carlos glanced at Celia, as if looking at an idiot. "I'm not married?"

"What? I mean, what happened to you before? Why didn't you get married? "

Carlos raised his eyebrows and asked in reply. "Celia hoped that I had been married?"

"I didn't mean that. I mean..."

She suddenly remembered that in his study she received a phone called him "Daddy".

It just came out of her mind.

"Celia, it's better for us to make a better plan of the future than to hesitate about the past."

"In the future?"

"For example, when you are going to have a baby, how many kids you want, and what's their name?"

She blushed in an instant.

Bastard! Who wants a baby with you!


"Carlos, may I ask you a question?"

"How about one each?" The man raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice.

Celia exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. "Okay."

"Did you Someone you like? " She asked.

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