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   Chapter 54 A Bad Cat

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Sure enough!

She knew it. How could this man suddenly realize his conscience!

"I've told you that I won't have sex with you! Nor have a baby!"

'Well, just a bowl of Abalone soup. It's not a big deal for me, ' she thought.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Just when the two people were at a stalemate, the door of the room was knocked.

"Come in."

After the man finished his words, the nurse pushed the door open with trepidation and looked at the two people in the room with her timid eyes.

Amanda took a glance at the nurse who was talking with Dylan downstairs?

In an instant, when she looked at Dylan again, the whole expression in her eyes changed.

Look, he has hooked up with this girl in such a short time. He is really worthy of being a lover sage!

She pouted at him, pouted, and almost gave him a thumbs up.

Of course, Dylan could see through her mind.

"How is it going? Did you get it? "

Not knowing why he was looking at the nurse, and whether it was intentional or not, he looked at the nurse gently.

The nurse was so ecstatic when she saw that. Even Amanda felt jealous.

"Yes, Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang. I'm taking the rest with me,"

The nurse said shyly, lowering her head.

However, their intimate behavior had caught Amanda's attention.

She suddenly began to cough out of no reason.

"Miss, do you have a sore throat?"

The nurse thought Amanda's throat was inflamed.

"No, I'm talking loud. I'm afraid that I'll choke on the food."


The nurse asked with confusion and embarrassment.

She looked at Amanda and thought, 'The face of this young lady is more beautiful than the star on TV. But her personality...

The relationship between Mr. Tang and this lady...

The nurse only felt that the woman in front of her was not like the kind of gossip media reported, who was a female star who just came across Mr. Tang and wanted to have some connections with him.

Otherwise, Mr. Tang would not ask her to buy the clothes for Amanda and he even bought the underwear for this lady.

You could imagine how thoughtful and attentive he was to her.

"Well, bring the gifts."

"What? Okay. "

The nurse immediately handed the bag to Dylan.

"Give it to her. Thank you. You can go out now."

Seeing the nurse walking towards her, Amanda was confused.


The previous struggle was melted by the deep kiss again and again. Moreover, she was no match for him at all.

After a long time, Carlos felt her soft body, so he relaxed his strength and let go of her. He bit her lips and said in a hoarse voice. "Huff -"

She felt that her heart was going to stop beating. She had no strength at all. Her little face was stained with peach, and her fair skin was pink from inside to outside.

But to her surprise, Carlos let her go.


He buried his head in her neck and gently stroked her to make her relaxed.

When she was fully recovered, he snuggled up against her for a while again. Then he bit her neck and pulled her up.

"What did you see? Is there anything you don't understand? "

Celia Ling was still a little panic. When she sat up to tidy up her messy hair, the man next to her suddenly spoke. At the same time, the sound of TV in the living room also disappeared.

Perhaps she hadn't made any reply because of the kiss.

But out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man pick up her book and look at the notes on her pages, frowning slightly.

"Tell me again what you just wrote."

Celia was stunned. He had already asked her a series of questions.

Celia answered every question he asked. Gradually she found out that this man was actually more professional than she had found a professional one.

When Grace came downstairs, she saw Carlos and Celia standing in the living room. She hesitated and didn't know whether she should tell Carlos the truth or not.

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