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   Chapter 45 not even a minute late for work

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Celia exclaimed. Her throat hurt so much that she couldn't make any sound.

Suddenly a wave of panic swept over her. She was so scared that she couldn't speak any more?

She tried to speak, but no matter how hard she tried, her effort was in vain.

Carlos shackled her shivering shoulder, making her calm down.

"Your tonsilla is bleeding now. You are badly injured. It's just temporary."

Celia raised her eyes in surprise. However, she still looked at the man in front of her, confused.

Suddenly, it seemed that something occurred to her, so she pushed him away and struggled to get out of bed.

"Celia Ling! Don't you dare move a little bit! "

Her little body was tightly pressed, and the huge pressure from the man made her unable to resist at all.

She didn't move until she saw the drip on her hand. She turned her face to the other side and didn't look at him.

He was as same as Ron!

She remembered that he had once said only a half of what he said about Ron in front of her. Now when she thought about it again, she could tell that it was all a hoax!

But since he had already known it, why did he still watch her jump in!

Liar! They are all liars!

Celia was lying with the second IV drip on her hand. The nurse thought that it was about the time to draw the needle from Celia's hand.

When she just entered the dining hall, she sensed something strange.

She walked cautiously to the bedside. After looking at Celia and noticing that she was fine, she lowered her head and prepared to remove the needle.

As soon as the medical tape on her hand was torn off, Celia's body trembled visibly.

In a daze, she heard a low male voice.

"Don't look."

Her body was held in his arms forcibly and her head was twisted aside by his big hand.


The nurse began to clean the tray before Carlos let Celia go.

Celia Ling turned around and found that her hand was clean. She was surprised that there was no blood on her first infusion.

Every time she was on infusion or pulled out the needle, it was like a nightmare. Blood flowed a lot, and her hands were stained all over. At that time, Ron always sympathized with her and told her that from now on, we should stop the infusion.

Celia stood up and wanted to go to the bathroom, but she didn't know how to express her feeling to the nurse because she couldn't speak.

And the man beside her, she was even more unwilling to tell him.

Depressed, she took a look at the door. 'It

Surprised by his thanks, the nurse was in a daze unconsciously.

The man was cold and overbearing, so she didn't expect that he would be modest and polite. Such words naturally made the woman moved.

Celia could do nothing but watch the scene. She didn't want to pretend to be false as Carlos at all.

The nurse walked out of the ward and the room was in silence.

Celia felt depressed. She had thought that the man would put her coat on her body and never talk to her again. However, things didn't go that way.

"Stretch out your hand."

Celia froze for a moment. When she was about to raise her head, she found the thick smell of tobacco from Carlos had taken a big step back.

She knew he smoked, but in the manor, he was not a heavy smoker.

"Stretch out your hand."

He repeated it again and his voice turned colder.

He had put the gloves on her arms directly before Celia could respond.

"From now on, no wine at all."

It was not a negotiation, but a request with a hint of order.

She kept silent and did not know how to refute him.

"No, I don't allow you to eat cold and spicy food recently."

She remained silent.

"Remember to be on IV drip every day, take medicine on time, have meals again and be hospitalized directly."

Her frown deepened.

"Go home on time after class, and you can't be late for even one minute. If I don't drive you home after class, you'll be picked up by Boris and there will be someone following you at school."

Celia bit her lower lip hard and finally stared at him. Her black eyes were filled with unwillingness.

He was trying to restrict her freedom!

"What? What do you think? "

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