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   Chapter 44 Honey, You Still Have Me

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With the heavy make-up on Leah's face, she looked like a ghost.

Amanda looked at them with an innocent, ignorant look on her face.

She had just been slapped for a few minutes.

But what Leah had just said really infuriated her, especially the words "someone is raised by no one!"

She didn't allow anyone to insult her mother!

Didn't Leah say that she didn't know the etiquette? So she was just being impolite to her.

"It's getting late. I'm going to bed. You'd better drink some tea. It's not good for your health,"

Then she turned around.

Leah wouldn't give up. She couldn't swallow her anger.


The servants in the hall were shocked. They looked at what Leah was doing and gasped.

Everyone's hearts were beating fast, and even Dylan, who was about to leave, heard something downstairs, his sharp eyes suddenly tightened.

The servants looked in the direction of Amanda and wanted to remind her to be careful. But when they saw Leah, they could only keep silent.

Since they were servants and had to support their families, if they offended this woman, they would not have a good end, so

"Phew I'm so tired. "

Amanda stretched herself lazily. How could she not see the fierceness that flashed across Leah's face.

When she was about to turn around, she saw Lwah coming. So she took the chance and turned around.

With a loud bang, the previous scream followed.

Leah pulled her with all his strength. However, Amanda dodged his attack easily. As a result, she fell down backwards out of inertia.

In the end, she fell down on the ground like a furious dog biting its prey.

The sound of her fall on the ground and the voices of the servants rang at the same time. Everyone was shocked for a few seconds and wanted to laugh, but they didn't dare to laugh. They could only force themselves to pretend to be calm and did not react.

On the other side, Amanda walked slowly up the stairs.

Of course, Dylan also heard the noise downstairs, especially when the servants kept asking nervously.

He smiled unconsciously with smile in his eyes which he didn't notice.

When he h

, tears ran down the girl in bed.

His hand was grabbed and the tears on her face hurt his heart.

"Sally babe, you still have me."

Since five years ago, Celia had not been sleeping like this ever since. She could not even get sleeping pills.

But she had a sound sleep and had a lot of dreams, just like a movie.

Some of them couldn't see what had happened clearly.

The vague memory, that shadowy figure, made her feel both familiar and strange.

Who is that?

Was she?

In the sunshine, a girl stood on her tiptoe and held the cartoon ring on her finger high above her head. She blushed and said to the boy who was holding her in his arms.

"It's so beautiful! It's more beautiful than diamond! I promise I'll love you forever, Carlos. I promise! "

"Okay, we'll be together forever."

Seeing the happy smile on her face, the boy smiled too, It was a familiar voice, but she couldn't see the young man's face clearly.

The scene was suddenly changed.

Many people in white coats rushed to her. She tried hard to shake her head, but they didn't listen to her at all. The needles stabbed her again and again, which made her almost collapse.

Later, she met Ron. He smiled at her gently and reached out his hand to her


She managed to open her eyes, as if she had a long dream. The pillow was wet, and there were tears on it.

"Woke up?"

A deep voice sounded near her ear.

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