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   Chapter 42 Who Dare To Hurt Her!

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When Dylan heard that, he almost lost his temper. Her name was still on his household register. How dared she cuckold him!

Suddenly, there was a fire in the man's black pupils, and his big palm was raised.

"What? Mr. Tang wants to fight again? Huh, three years have passed, and you haven't made much progress. Are you still playing the naive game of beating women? "

It seemed that Amanda wasn't afraid of him at all. She raised her chin up as if she wouldn't let him beat her.

Anyway, he had done that three years ago?

She had no doubt that there was anything a man like him couldn't do.

The story was dramatic. After she married him without any reason, his childhood sweetheart couldn't help but burst into tears when she saw her.

After childhood sweetheart complained to Amanda for several times, she finally fooled her.

Amanda treated her as her friends in need, but she actually stabbed Amanda in the back.

So after childhood sweetheart fainted in front of Dylan, he made up his mind to charge her for being a vicious woman.

For the sake of his childhood sweetheart, this man strangled her abruptly

In the following three years, how his childhood sweetheart was?

He went abroad, so did that woman.

She had thought that this man was a "loyal person." unexpectedly, in the past three years, she had seen a lot of news that he went to nightclubs with all kinds of young models stars, no matter at home or abroad.

It really surprised her.

People even described him as a "gentle and amorous man". He was really a scum!

The irony in Amanda's eyes was so obvious that Dylan of course understood it.

He seemed to remember what happened three years ago. As he turned his eyes, to his surprise, he put his hand down.

He admitted that he was too impulsive at that time. Without making an investigation clearly, he had framed her.

But what did she say just now?

The bold girl would only ask for men even all the time. Three years ago, he didn't know that the little woman had such a bold side.


othing but endurance?

He wanted to force her to give in, but she wouldn't let him.

Clenching her fists silently, she lowered her head and pressed her lips.

"What? You're not willing to give up. Did I say anything wrong? "

The woman demanded coldly. The contempt and disdain were written all over her face.

"Make a cup of black tea for me."

She replied in a tone as if she was the hostess of Tang family.

Those who didn't know would think she was the master!

"Yes, mother,"

Amanda went to the kitchen.

It was not until her figure completely disappeared from the hall that Dylan, who had been sitting on the sofa and kept silent all the time, raised his eyes.

Thinking of that, Dylan's eyes turned a bit cold, aiming at the woman who had been so arrogant a moment ago.

The woman noticed it, and she explained, touching her shawl on her shoulder.

"I'm not blaming her. Several years have passed, but she still acted so licentious. And the clothes she was wearing... Were they the clothes that a rich lady should wear? Look how vulgar she is! If she go out now, she will lose the face of Tang Clan, and people will laugh at you. "

The man on the sofa chuckled. His thick eyelashes covered the edges of his eyes, and the unhurried words faintly came out from his mouth.

"Aren't you the one who is laughed to death by others?"

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