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   Chapter 40 Career Achievement, Beauties, I Want Them All

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"She is a little resistant. If the injection doesn't work, she will have to suffer when the medicine takes effect."

The woman doctor frowned and said.

"Is there any other way?"

"No, I'm not. I'll go prepare the medicine. Let the nurse have a try later."

The woman doctor left after she was finished.

The nurse had already come with a new injector. When she was about to enter, she was stopped by Carlos's column.

His tall and slender figure gave the nurse a sense of oppression.


"Let me help you."

"What?" The nurse looked at the serious face in front of her and lost in her thought. When she reacted, the medical tray in her hand had been taken away by Carlos.

"Hey, sir, you can't..."

If she didn't get the injection as soon as possible, she would be in great danger even if she was attracted by a handsome man.

The nurse tried to stop him in a hurry. She couldn't afford to take responsibility for such a serious matter.

But she was stopped by another man.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

"Bu... But..." She stammered

Said Boris, seeing the panic and confusion on the nurse's face.

"If anything happens, we will take the consequences and won't hold you and the hospital accountable."

The nurse was at a loss for words due to Boris's politeness.

In the emergency room.

Carlos put down the tray and looked down at the girl, whose face was pale.

"Are you awake?" He asked her.

"Yes." She nodded weakly. The stomach cramps made her bite her lower lip tightly.

"Take it off."

A cold voice came from the man's mouth.

Celia had just been a little conscious. Her heart skipped a beat. "What?"

She didn't understand what he meant.

There was no expression on Carlos's face. He was furious to see her confusion and panic. How could she trample on herself just for another man.

"Take off your pants. Don't let me say it again!"

Carlos's cold voice was full of warning.

"You... You say Ah... "

Before she could react, with a flash of coldness in his black eyes, h

them coming out, he immediately walked up to them.

"Is Miss Ling all right?"

Carlos leaned against the wall, closed his eyes, pressed his index finger against his forehead and said, "leave the car keys to me. You can go home now."

"Boss, the tomorrow morning..."

"Cancel it."


Hearing this, Boris was stunned. The young master of this project had been busy for a long time. Tomorrow was a crucial moment.

But when he saw the man smoking silently, he knew that there were a lot of things he could not understand.


After the man nodded with respect, he slowly walked towards the hospital hall.

On the other side of the quiet corridor of the hospital, a pair of shiny black leather shoes had been standing there for a long time.

Carlos leaned against the wall. Cigarette ashes fell on his knuckles, but he seemed to be numb.

"I'm back, Carlos Gu! I'll snatch everything from you, no matter it's your property or your beauty this time! "

His face was ferocious.

Although just a glimpse in the car, it was enough to attract Jeffery Gu deeply.

Not only because he saw Carlos, but also the small face.

Just like five years ago, she was still in that man's arms, and nothing had changed.

Jealousy and unwillingness welled up. For the rest of his life, what he couldn't get was easily gained by that man, Carlos Gu!

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