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   Chapter 38 Suffering

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The deafening music from the Blue Bar could not suppress the bitterness in Celia's heart anymore.

In spite of low alcohol, drinking one after another was a challenge for her, who was not used to drinking.

Amanda patted Amanda on the back. Her face was as pale as blood.

"Celia, this is the last drink. Please don't drink anymore. Let's drink this to pay tribute to our young ignorance and starting a new life! Huh? "

Although Amanda tried to persuade her, she knew better than anyone else that it was not that easy to get through!

Celia Ling clenched her fists. She was heartbroken.

It was not just him that got hurt. From the very beginning, she was hurt not only because of him. The reason why she did that was more that she wanted to express her gratitude to Ron's parents for taking care of her for the past few years.

She grasped the glass tightly and looked up. The bitter liquid scorched down her throat, At last, she couldn't help but cry, and large drops of tears fell into the wine glass.

Although she tried to hold on, the wine still choked her throat.

Suddenly, a sense of vertigo swept over her, and she fell backward off guard.


Amanda was shocked. When she realized what had happened and tried to help Celia, the glass on the bar counter broke into pieces. Celia also fell to the floor.

Amanda immediately squatted down and held Celia's head in her arms.

"Celia, don't scare me."

When she saw Celia's pale face, her eyes reddened and she began to cry.

"Phone, where is the phone? Celia, please hold on. I'll call the ambulance right away. "

Amanda patted Celia's face to wake her up. She reached for her phone tremblingly.

She finally found her mobile phone, but it was too noisy here to be heard at all over the phone.

Amanda took a deep breath and held Celia tightly, trying to take her outside.

The light in the bar was dim. She walked towards the door with Celia in her arms with difficulty. After all, she was a girl. Not long after she left, Amanda's arm was so sore that she could hardly stand.


a serious problem. Did Carlos really was a gay... He happened to meet Celia again. Celia was such a nice person to be fooled. So he used Celia as an excuse to stay away from other women!

No way! Absolutely not!

"Dylan, you bastard! Let go of me! Celia couldn't be killed like that! I'm going to Ah... "

Before she finished her words, the man held her up, walked out of the bar, and directly stuffed her into the car parking at the door.

At the same time, the car passed with a "whoosh" sound. From the distance, they could only hear the cry of Terence, who was still standing at the door of the bar.

"Boss, what happened to Miss Ling?"

Sitting on the driver's seat, Boris asked worriedly while driving.

Carlos frowned and said coldly. "Speed up. Let's go to the first hospital."


In a hurry, he changed the gear, sped up the car dozens of miles.


The car ran so fast and so bumpy in the middle that the girl in Carlos' arms could not help but whine.


Seeing that she finally had some reaction, Carlos frowned and called her tentatively.

Her back had been completely wet. She was enduring the pain, and unconsciously, her white fingers were tightly holding the man's sleeves.


Her eyes were red and she asked in a low and hoarse voice. "Ouch Ron... "

The man froze and his face turned cold in an instant.

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