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   Chapter 37 He Cheated Her!

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Susan startled everyone there.

Sylvia hurried over as well. "Susan, what's wrong with you?"

"Sylvia, my belly... It hurts! "

Susan looked pale and it seemed that she was not pretending.

"Susan, don't worry. I am sending you to the hospital now." As Sylvia comforted Susan, she took out her phone in a hurry.

The security guards of the hotel also came over at this time. The moment one of the security guards lifted Susan up, people saw the blood slowly flowing out of her body.

Celia had been standing outside the crowd. Seeing that some people hastily picked up Susan and were about to send her to the hospital, the only sound that could be heard was Susan's cry to find Ron.

When the people from the Mo Clan and the An Clan arrived at the hospital, the woman who had pushed Susan still stunned.

However, Amanda didn't feel guilty at all. She could only remember some details.

Even though Susan wore high-heeled shoes today, she still remembered that she was wearing flat shoes when she saw her with Ron at the party that day. What's more, the nervous look on Ron's face and the blood just now

These seemingly unimpressive details gathered together at this moment.

Amanda turned around slowly and looked at Celia.

Her small face was pale, except for his tight lips and constant clenching of her little hands that drooped beside her.

Amanda came over and took her hand. She felt that her body was stiff. Although she could not bear to do that, she still said.

"Celia, let's go to the hospital too!"

Celia seemed to come to her senses. However, she was still stunned.

Amanda held her hand and walked forward. However, after a few steps, Celia stopped and didn't move any more.

"Celia, you've also guessed that, right?" Asked Amanda softly.

Celia didn't answer. Her black and black eyes blinked and couldn't focus.

"Celia, no matter what happened, we have to figure it out? At least you won't be a fool in the dark! "

They rushed to the emergency room. When the elevator door opened, they heard the quarrel from the corrido

e hallway, she felt frustrated.

Her body kept trembling.

Susan, pregnant!

However, what was more terrifying was that

It was Ron who put her in front of Carlos!

It turned out that he had known everything! He just watched her being tortured back and forth like a contemptible scoundrel.

She seemed to have been taken away in an instant, and her body slid down along the door of the elevator.


Amanda crouched down and held Celia in her arms without saying anything.

She knew that no one could replace her pain at the moment. Only after today, could she see all the cruelty, which could truly change her.

Celia kept her head down, recalling the day she went to the bar to meet Ron.

He called to ask her to go there, but she met those so-called "friends" there only.

She didn't see him and asked them where he was.

They made her drink, and they told her after that. She was afraid that he would be in danger, so she had to listen to them.

Now she thought about it, in fact, those people had told her at that time, but she was muddled with the drink and did not think much.

They said "how could you still think about your Ron at this time? You are so silly!"

Later, if it were not for Carlos, she would...

The blurry scene at that time became clearer at the moment.

He lied to her!

He lied to her from the very beginning!

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