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   Chapter 36 Ridiculous Or Sad

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Amanda looked at Sylvia and sighed. Fine, forget it. Now that I said so, what else can I say?

However, she had only taken a few steps when Sylvia's female voice came through again from behind.

"Amanda, it has been three years. I couldn't do anything to you three years ago. Now I am back. I..."

Said Sylvia in a cold tone, with a smile on his red lips.

"I will never let you go!"

"I'll wait until you lose your reputation and can't climb up again. You can only be an ant! But you are not much better now, and your husband doesn't even look at you. Well, well, well, how pathetic that is. Even though you are so pitiful, I still think it's not enough. Look at you, your husband has another woman on his hand. You can still pretend to be generous. It's really disgusting! "

She yelled the last sentence aloud, but her anger was still not quenched.

Susan exaggerated.

"You don't know, Sylvia, Amanda didn't have a friend. She only has a low, pathetic girl. That bitch..."

"Shut up! How dare you speak ill of Celia! I swear I'll tear your mouth apart! "

She showed no mercy to Susan.

"Look at her, Sylvia." Susan pretended to be afraid and tried to dodge her.

Seeing the furious look on her Sylvia's face, Amanda clenched her fists.

She knew that no matter what she did, she would never forgive her, and thus...

"I didn't expect Miss tried Sylvia to be so bold, but... What can you do to me? Don't forget that even though you are the daughter of the Su Clan, you don't have any power. I am the lady of the Tang Clan. How could you play tricks on me? What makes you think you can do that? "

Said Amanda with a faint smile.

"Amanda Tang, shame on you! Do you think you can be noble just by marrying into the Tang Clan? Don't you know why everyone is hiding from you? They all think you don't deserve him. You think highly of yourself! How ridiculous! "

Susan stuck her head out from Sylvia's back and sneered.


that I meet him by chance, I'm going to inform you that I will get engaged to Ron in the Sea Star Hotel this weekend. Anyway, you have lived in Mo Clan for so long, just like his sister. You must come to bless us! "

Susan said, with a bigger smile on her face. However, she looked at Celia, complacent and defiant.

Celia's face went pale and then recovered a little.

Ron had mentioned to her that he got close to Susan recently in order to get the money from Benjamin.

At that time, he told her that he wouldn't have any intimate contact with Susan, but why was he going to be engaged with her now?

Celia froze in place. For a moment, she couldn't tell if she should be ridiculous or sad.

"Celia?" Amanda asked worriedly.

She shouted several times, but no one answered.

At the same time, Susan kept nagging at Celia, which made Amanda gave Susan a slap.

"Shut up!"

"Ah --"

Susan screamed, took a step back and looked up at Amanda. Suddenly, her face turned pale.

Before she could react, Amanda gave her a big push on the shoulder. Susan lost her balance on her high heels and fell to the ground immediately.

In an instant, a tore pain came from Susan's abdomen. Her face turned pale in pain and her eyes were filled with terror.

"Stomach, stomach My belly... "

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