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   Chapter 35 Follow The Husband's Surname

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"It hurts."

Celia frowned. She was furious at the man's sudden anger.

'damn it! What's wrong with this man?

"Carlos, that's enough. Let go of me!"

She was no longer angry.

Seeing that she didn't even bother to explain, Carlos's patience ran out.

"It's you who just got rid of Ron Mo, and now come another one! Celia Ling, good for you! "

Hearing his cold words, Celia finally realized that he was just making trouble out of nothing.

"Mr. Gu... Uncle Gu, what happened? Why are you so angry? "

As Dylan walked towards them, he gave a glance at Celia and then gave a meaningful look at Carlos.

"Mr. 250, please help me explain. I didn't mean to be late."

Celia went to stop him and said.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman, such a combination of them instantly drew someone's attention.

Carlos raised his eyebrows and looked at her who was five years younger than him but still called him "Uncle".

250? Huh

He smiled.

"Dan, your new name? 250... That sounds good. "

There was really nothing he could do about the number. It sounded like he was being cursed.

"Miss Ling, my surname is Tang, not 250."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Tang."

Celia patted her head. She had been with Carlos for such a long time that she felt her brain was going to explode.

After a long explanation, everything was finally clear. But Carlos didn't stop being angry, instead, his face became more gloomy.

She didn't know how much it was, but he knew it clearly.

He took a glance at Dylan from the corner of his eye.

"Ask Boris for the money later."

He didn't want his woman to have anything to do with any men other than him.

Said Dylan with a shrug. "Uncle Gu, you don't have to give me money..."

Before he finished his words, he was once again cast a cold eye, and it could almost kill him.

A look of confusion spread across his face. "Uncle Gu?"

"Did you just touch her hand?"

"It was saving her!"

"But you still touched me!"

'fine! Finally, he simply nodded and said yes.

else? "

Amanda raised her head to look into his eyes, neither humble nor pushy.

"Mr. Tang, the charity party is about to start. Let's go inside first!"

Ellie was very scheming. She knew that she couldn't give them any more chance. As she spoke, she tried to bury herself into the arms of Dylan again.

However, when he saw that Amanda still didn't respond at all, he dragged Ellie and left with anger.

They walked far and Ellie looked back at Amanda with a cold smile.

This woman. After all, she was no match for her.

But she was a little worried now. Mr. Tang, who seemed to be affectionate, seemed to have special feelings for this woman.

"Is this the life you want? Just for the money, do something stupid to get what you want? You even can't control your husband. Oh, No. I almost forget that you even discard your surname! You are such a bitch! "

The moment Amanda turned around, she was dumbstruck.

At the same time, Celia, who had been confused earlier, also widened his eyes in surprise and covered his mouth in disbelief after hearing what Amanda had said.

"It's you."


The woman didn't hide her hatred for Amanda at all. She walked past Amanda directly as if she was invisible.

"SIS Sylvia, that's how she is. Why are you mad at her?" Susan, who stood up with Sylvia, also cast a scornful glance at her.

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