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   Chapter 34 A Capricious And Scheming Man

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"Where are you?"

"I... I'm right in the opposite of the hotel. I'll be there after crossing the street."

Celia called as she kept looking at the traffic light. She frowned and wondered why the light was still the same?

"Beep", the man on the other side of the phone had hung up.

Her hand holding the phone shook a little. She was mad at him.

Looking at the 30 minutes, did the man take her as a superman? Momentary movement!

It was a cozy afternoon. She was drinking coffee at home, which was rare to have a good rest. Of course, the most important thing was that the man was not at home.

But the good time was too short. She had to send him files as soon as Carlos called.

She just needed to send him the file, but that jerk ordered her to do it in 30 minutes.

She was too naive!

She thought she could finally live a peaceful life after divorce incident.

But this capricious and scheming man would never change, and his tone was even more domineering!

Ignoring her anger, she rushed to his study, picked up the document and ran away.

Finally, she arrived here in time five minutes before the plane landed.

However, Celia looked even more anxious when she saw the cars coming and going.

One minute, two minutes

She could bet that if she were to leave a second later, Carlos would have played a trick on her again.

Like a minute late, a minute more when having sex.

It was not only bullied by him in the daytime, but also in the evening.

Why is it still the same? Was the traffic light broken?

She was so unlucky recently. She didn't expect that it would happen even when she sent a document to that jerk!

Finally, she made up her mind

"Watch out --"

Before Celia could take a step forward, her wrist was grabbed by someone and she pulled backwards. A car passed her and a strong wind blew her hair and dress.

that was close!

She was in a cold sweat. It seemed that she shouldn't have thought of crossing the road by luck.

And expressed her thanks to the man at the crucial moment.

"Thank you, thank you..."

The moment she thanked the man, the traffic light changed and the crowd moved forward.

Because she

d to Celia.

Carlos stared at her for a long time before he took the documents from her.

"All right. The documents have been delivered. I, can I leave now?"


Before she could turn around, her arm was grabbed by the man.

"What did you do just now? Why are you so late?"

He had told her to give him the material was just an excuse. He wanted to let her choose which necklace she liked. But now, no matter she liked it or not, he had bid for it and she had no choice.

"I had something to deal with, so Oh, my God! Hi, here... "

Celia Ling inadvertently raised her head and saw the man who was standing not far away from her.

At the same time, Dylan also saw Celia from a distance.

But when he caught a glimpse of the man who was standing in front of her, he was stunned.

He got more and more confused.

Celia waved her hand to Dylan. She was afraid that Carlos would make trouble for her. Never mind. She had a witness!


When Carlos saw her wave at Dylan, his face darkened.

"You know Dylan?"


Celia was surprised. She looked at Carlos, then at Dylan. Subconsciously, she answered. "Yeah, we just know."

"J-u-s-t-k-n-o-w. Good, very good! "

These words were almost squeezed out of his teeth. The bubbles of irritation were constantly expanding, and then his anger was instantly exposed from his face.

He grabbed her wrist immediately.

"You just turn a deaf ear to my words, don't you?"

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