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   Chapter 32 Does He Have A Son

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In front of Carlos's study, Celia had been wandering here and there for a long time, but she was not sure whether she should enter the room or not.

She came to the manor today, not only because Carlos asked Boris to send her mobile phone.

And Susan!

Susan left the school with her luggage. Rumor had it that she was the one who had voluntarily dropped out of school but was actually fired!

Susan was the daughter of the An Clan. who would have the nerve to let her be expelled from the school?

At that time, Susan happened to catch sight of her and wanted to say something. But when she saw Amanda behind her, she stopped. However, the resentment in her eyes could be seen clearly from Celia's eyes.

Celia Ling had thought that it might be Amanda Tang who helped her. She had also asked Amanda Tang about that. But Amanda asserted that it wasn't her.

What's more, even though she knew that the Amanda Tang was rich, it was definitely not comparable to the An Clan.

On the other hand, Ron had tried his best to cozy up with the An Clan and would not offend Benjamin for her sake.

The only person Celia could think of was Carlos!

Finally, she screwed up her courage and knocked on the door of the study. She knocked a few times, but there was no response.

Just as Celia Ling frowned slightly and was about to ask Grace, there was a sudden sound of "woof, woof" from the other end of the corridor.

Eugene waved her tail excitedly and rushed to her.

"Hi, Eugene."

Although she was no longer afraid of Eugene, she was still not used to the enthusiasm.

Seeing that Eugene was about to pounce on, Celia lightly dodged and ran into the door of the study.

Bang! The door of the study was smashed open, and she almost fell.

She looked around carefully and found no one inside.

But when she asked Grace, she told her that Mr. Gu was in the study.

When Celia was about to go out, Eugene also come in.

Eugene hadn't seen Celia for a long time and the room was full of Carlos's smell. The Eugene was even more excited. She ran up and down the room.

next second, the man's slender fingers unexpectedly hooked up her collar.

An alarm suddenly rang in Celia's mind. She couldn't care too much and pushed Carlos away. At the same time, she moved to the other side to keep a safe distance from him.

Looking at the woman who was vigilant like a little hedgehog, Carlos put on a gentle smile. When he was about to go forward and continue to tease her, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and walked to the balcony.

Celia didn't get out of bed until Carlos was out of sight. She frowned as she saw him.


She was sure this was the same sound as the one from the computer.

Was it because Carlos already had a baby?

Besides, judging from the voice, the boy should be a big boy.

Was he married and then divorced? Or He even has a home abroad?

The more Celia thought about it, the more depressed she was.

She really wanted to pull the man's collar and ask him, what on earth did he want to do? If he really had a child, why did he force her to marry him! Is this kind of game very interesting?

The man on the balcony turned to look at her at the same time. The eye contact between them made Celia lower her head hastily.

Although it was just a glance, the tender smile that he put on the corner of his mouth was deeply imprinted in her eyes.

It must be his son! Otherwise, he would not have such a tender look.

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