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   Chapter 31 Recite Husband's Phone Number At The School Gate

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Updated: 2020-02-11 00:12

At the same time, in the dormitory.

"Ring, ring, ring -"

"Celia, the phone is ringing." Amanda shouted at Celia while packing her luggage.

"Hello -".

"It's me."

Carlos' voice was so cold that Celia's hand trembled. She almost dropped the phone.


How did he know her dormitory number?

How did he know everything about her? It was weird?

"Celia, why didn't you say anything? Who is it? "

Asked Amanda worriedly as she turned to look at Celia.

Was it the man called Ron?


Amanda had warned him not to stay with Susan at the banquet last time, but she didn't expect that he would be so bold as to go shopping with that woman now!

Celia was nervous. She said, "I don't know. Maybe I've dialed the wrong number." then she clicked the button and hung up.

It wasn't him. Amanda was finally relieved.

If that were Ron, could Celia be so quiet for such a long time? After that, she prepared the toiletries and went into the bathroom.

Celia held the microphone again frantically, and only then did she realize a serious problem.

She didn't remember Carlos' phone number at all!

It seemed that today was really a bad day, she thought.

After coming out of the ice cream shop, she went back to the dormitory with a big bag of clothes in her hand. However, when she arrived at the dormitory, she found that her mobile phone was gone unexpectedly.

And she had no idea whether it was because of her carelessness or because it was stolen. She had no idea at that time.

The door bell rang——

Just when she was about to cry without tears, the phone rang again.

Celia hurriedly picked up the phone. When she just said the word "Gu", the door of the bathroom suddenly opened. Just then, Amanda came out.

Celia was so anxious that she hung up the phone again!

"This guy is so annoying. I told him that I made a mistake. Why did he call me?"

Seeing the baffled look on Celia's face, Amanda forgot to take the facial cream with her. She took it from the table and went back to the washroom.

Celia wanted to slap herself. She really wanted to die.

She didn't k

ber from now on."

Holding the phone, Celia Ling suddenly realized what the man meant.

Did he want her to completely cut off contact with him?

"Thank you for coming here and showing my gratitude to your boss. I will keep the SIM card, but this mobile phone... Can you give it back to him? "

"Don't you like this phone, Miss Ling? Or this color? "

"No, no, No. It has nothing to do with the phone."

"Then why? Didn't Miss Ling lose your phone? "


Celia's eyes widened. Was Carlos supernatural? And how did he know?

"And there is one more thing." Said Boris hesitantly.


Boris looked at Celia with a complicated expression in his eyes. "Boss said... He then asked me to keep watch on Miss Ling to recite the phone number, until she had memorized it in her mind. "

Celia could not believe what she had heard.

According to Boris' following words, Celia Ling had figured out the whole thing.

After she texted Carlos, he called her, but she turned off her phone and never called him again. That was why he guessed that she didn't remember his number.


"I don't think it's necessary? I'll save it for him."

She was standing at the school gate under supervision?

With an embarrassed expression on his face, Boris slightly shook his head at her. "It's... I'm afraid I can't do it. Miss Ling, boss will punish me if I fail to complete the task assigned by our boss. "

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