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   Chapter 30 Mr. Dylan, I'm So Flattered

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"What a beautiful necklace! You two make a perfect match!"

Amanda raised her head and saw the bright smile on his face.

Seeing that his hand was about to touch her neck, she leaned to one side and escaped.

"Hey, are you alone? How about having a drink together? "

The smile on Terence's face was bigger.

"Sorry, I can't drink."

She turned around and was about to leave.

However, she had only taken two steps when her path was blocked.

The woman looked familiar to Terence.

"Well, there's no one who can refuse me in the whole Jin City."

He stretched out his hand and stood in the way of Amanda. With a closer look, he found her familiar. But where did he see her face? Why can't he remember?

At that moment, Amanda was annoyed because she was not in the mood to get entangled with such a man.

She pushed him away with all her strength, and without looking at him again, she turned around, preparing to leave.


"How much? Name your price! "

The corners of Terence's lips lifted. He looked completely determined.

No woman would say "no" to him.

Amanda didn't understand what he meant.

With a light sneer in her red lips, she turned around and looked coldly at the man.

"Then what's your price?"

Terence thought that there might be a chance for her to say so, so he said.

"One hundred thousand?"

Raising her eyebrows, Amanda said nothing.

Looking at the woman in front of him, who seemed not to be very satisfied with the number, Terence slowly continued to bid.

"Five hundred thousand?"

He would like to see whether this woman dared to demand an exorbitant price.

Amanda still didn't answer.

"One million?"

"One million what? Or Korean? How about I offer you five million and you peel off your skin to return to your original appearance of a beast in human attire? "

At the very beginning, Terence had been the focus of attention. Now, their quarrel had already attracted people's attention.

What Amanda said surprised everyone.

Where does this woman come from? Does she know who the man is in front of her? She dared to say anything.

When everyone thought Terence was about to get angry, his beautiful eyes became more coquettish.

With a snort, he burst into laughter.

"You are a good woman!"

He praised her sincerely. When he raised his head, he saw a figure walking towards him from not far away.

Terence's eyes lit up at the sight of the figure over there. He pushed Amanda towards him.

"Dylan, Dylan, come here! Hurry up! I have found a rare thing,"

"How is it going? Am I a man of taste? "

Terence looked at Amanda and then at Sean, quite smug.

"Hey, it's only been a while and you're hooking up with a man? I underestimated you, woman. You do have the ability."

When he saw Amanda who suddenly appeared in front of him, he raised his eyebrows and looked directly at this beautiful face.

The man responded with a half-smile. He was so cynical that Amanda of course understood his irony.

But how could he accuse her of having an affair with another man!

What's more, don't tell her that he is angry with me!

Why was he angry?

He has been hooking up with wo

men all over the country. He must be much more experienced than those men who accosted her.

"Yes, I'm more than that? 'Mr. Dylan, I'm flattered. But I didn't expect Mr. Dylan to have a friend like him. Don't you think so? "

They stared at each other as if there was an invisible conflict between them. Terence sensed that something was wrong.

"Dylan? Do you know her?"

Dylan glanced at Terence. "She said you were pimping."

Shocked for a second, Terence smiled more brightly.

"Hey, beauty, what you said is so unpleasant to hear. I just like making friends. I might fall in love with someone when we are drinking and chatting. There is an old saying that luck takes the lead, isn't it? "

Unfortunately, not only did Amanda roll her eyes at him, but also Dylan was looked down upon by her.

All his friends were like this, let alone him?

"Will you go back or not?"

She didn't forget why she came here, although she disdained him.

"What? If I don't go back with you, how can you explain to grandpa? "

A sly grin appeared on Dylan's face.

Amanda's face changed, but she finally calmed down.

Amanda always looked pretty, but now she even smiled at everyone.

"Don't worry, Mr. Dylan. You're overthinking things. I'm sure Grandpa will not blame me for that. Mr. Dylan, you'd better pay more attention to those suspicious cuckolds!"

Then she looked around, noticing that the group of women who surrounded this place with different purposes.


Terence couldn't help but burst into laughter.

She wanted to say ...?

If those women were green beans, then this one in front of her was a turtle?

"You -"

Dylan's handsome face darkened. He swore that his good temper would soon disappear.

Now Amanda had given up the idea of bringing Dylan back. She turned around and walked away.

"Hey, stop!"

After a short while, the woman in front of him was gone. In a rage, Dylan was going to catch up with her.

Unfortunately, his arm was grabbed by someone.

Someone asked mindlessly, "Dylan, this woman is really interesting. Can you introduce her to me?"

"What... What's wrong? Why do you look like that? It's not me who called you bastard! "

Terence looked innocent. He remembered that he didn't do anything to make Dylan unhappy, but why did he look so frightening.

"Amanda! I married the wife of your grandpa for three years! Yes? Do you need me to make an introduction? "

His cold voice made Terence shiver. He jabbed at the direction where Amanda left and then Dylan.

"What? Amanda? Then, then... "

Damn it!

He felt that this woman looked familiar!

"Yes, it's her! Do you want to know her? "

At this moment, he really felt the chill that someone was emitting.

Suddenly, he felt as cold as Uncle Carlos.

"No, no, no, No. haha I... I'm going to see uncle. Go and get her! Go and get her! "

As he was stepping back, he waved at Dylan. The next second, he disappeared from the crowd.

He thought he'd better run for his life first.

Being caught by this man, Terence didn't know what he could do to wait for him!


Isn't that woman whom Dylan doesn't like very much? But now, it was not the case?

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