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   Chapter 29 Carlos Has Changed

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Celia and Amanda followed the sound and Amanda frowned at their first sight.

When Amanda caught a glimpse of the person who was standing with her back to them on the sofa, she pulled Celia away and hid her face from Celia's view.

"What bad luck! I meet a ghost when I go out. Celia, let's go to another house."

In the bright shop, Celia Ling saw Susan, who was trying on a water blue long dress. The dress was very beautiful, especially the partly visible semi-finals under the low cut neck, and her flirtatious voice and the swing in her eyes, which were really tempting for ordinary men.

Susan looked so different from her arrogant image in the school. It was hard to guess who was capable of subduing the bossy woman.

"Celia, let's go!"

Seeing Celia Ling standing there in a daze, Amanda turned her back and took her by her hand to leave in a hurry.

"Please take care. Welcome back!"

The saleswoman's polite voice made Susan, who was trying on the dress, look up at Celia. When she saw Celia, an evil smile flickered across her lips.

Then Amanda held Celia's hand and walked forward.

"Are you tired? I'll buy you ice cream. Hey, what are you thinking about? You are so absorbed in your mind. Are you frightened by Susan again? "

"How could it be possible?"

Celia came to herself and murmured.

She just thought of what Ron said to her the other day. He said that he wanted to cozy up to the An Clan, then Could it be him?

"That's good. Let's go now. Didn't you say your feet would be broken! Have a good rest later. "

Amanda dragged Celia to the ice-cream store. They had just ordered the ice-cream and were about to sit down when Amanda's phone rang.

"Amanda, you have a call."

"Hugh, Celia. Please sit down. I'm going to... I have to answer the phone. "

Amanda looked evasive and walked away with the phone.

A moment later.

"I'm sorry, Celia. There's an emergency at home. Grandpa has been looking for me."

"What? Now? Then, you should go back quickly! "

Seeing the worry on Amanda's face, Celia hurriedly said, "I'm fine. I'm a grown woman. Can I get lost? Don't worry. Call me when you're free."

Nodding her head, Amanda walked towards Celia and gave her a hug.

"I know you are the best, so my ice-cream is yours. Well, I should go now, bye --"

Amanda waved her hand, turned around and left.

"Hey, Amanda, your clothes..."

Seeing the large and small bags on the chair, Celia reacted and shouted to Amanda.

At this moment, when Amanda was about to get on the taxi, she turned around and smiled at Celia after hearing her voice.

"Those are for you. Celia, you must look fabulous. Don't let that evil woman get any chance to seduce you. Bye -"

After that, she got on the car without waiting for Celia to catch up.

Celia ran after her carrying a lot of clothes. The car had already driven far away.

She called Amanda, but she didn't answer either.

"Why do you still like to be on your own, Amanda?"

Celia muttered as she made a phone call, but her eyes were filled with moving.

Celia knew that Amanda was being nice, and she was afraid that Celia would overthink it. So she would never say "I'll buy you this" in front of Celia, but she always treated Celia well in silence.

But she couldn't take these clothes.

Well, she could take Amanda directly back to her dormitory, although Amanda seldom came back.

After Amanda left, Celia was sitting alone in the corner of the ice-cream store, eating the ice-cream.

Looking at the busy street, she took out her phone in silence.

Editing, delete, again editing, and delete again

After such a long time, a

message was sent.

When she heard the sound of the successful message, she came to her senses.

She, she really sent messages to that man!

Could she withdraw the message?

Unfortunately, this was not a wechat message. Well, whatever!

But she still couldn't hear anything from her cell phone. Didn't he see that? Or He don't want to reply?

Five minutes had passed, but there was still no response from the screen.

She was so angry that she couldn't help but criticize him in her mind.

"You bastard, what do you want from me! I had apologized. Do you want to kneel down and beg you? "

At this moment, in the VIP room of the Blue Bar on the other side.

"Carlos, Dylan, it's not easy for us to get together. Why don't you drink and talk? What's the point?"

Carlos didn't reply. He even didn't frown a bit.

A voice of frustration came from the other side of the sofa. "Well, returning to China is really boring. No wonder my uncle doesn't want to come back."

"Hey, Dylan, what's that look on your face? Didn't grandpa ask you to come back because he wanted you to take over the Tang Clan? "

"Take over the Tang Clan? Huh. "

Under the dim light, the man's lips moved coldly and a shown of irony.

"You want me to come back to act?"

"Wow, Mr. Dylan seems to be very unsatisfied? Did he lose to his wife as soon as he came back? You can't handle her? "

"No! Shut up! " Dylan grabbed a pillow at random and threw it at Terence.

"It seems that I guessed right. Grandfather has selected a good wife for you. Can she be a good one? You haven't come back to the Tang Clan for once every three years, and I believe other women won't refuse to divorce you. That's really something! "

Terence caught the pillow and continued to make sarcastic remarks.

"Actually, Dylan is so lucky. Isn't it a piece of cake to have a great grandson in a year, Dylan? Am I right, Carlos"

"Call me uncle!"

Suddenly, Carlos said lightly. He hadn't said anything for a long time.

Both Dylan and Terence curled their lips.

"Come on, Carlos! You are only five years older than us!"

"Show respect to me!" Carlos smiled. Then he took out his phone and found there was an unread message.

He clicked on it. When he read the first sentence, he could not help but smile.

At that moment, Terence was stunned by Carlos sitting next to him.

Carlos said with a faint smile. However, his smile and the gentleness in his eyes were rare to see. It was a genuine smile from the bottom of his heart which was even rare for Terence who had been with him for so many years.

Carlos. Oh no. What's on Uncle Carlos' phone? It even melted the iceberg that had existed for thousands of years.

"I'm going to make a call."

The smile on Carlos' face grew deeper. He stood up and walked out with his phone.

"What the hell! Did I get an illusion or a visual hallucination? Dylan, tell me, who did I see just now? "

Terence rubbed his eyes and then shook his head. He looked at Dylan in astonishment.

However, the man on the other end of the sofa didn't even bother to respond. He buried his head into the sofa and closed his eyes.

Terence felt a little bored. "Well, no one is playing with me. I'll go outside and find some fun."

Then he took the wine glass on the table and went straight out of the room.

In the bar, deafening music and passionate dancing could be heard. Young people were full of hormones.

In the lamplight, a red dress was particularly eye-catching.

"It's so beautiful."

When Amanda looked around, she heard a man's voice coming from above her head and a glass of mellow wine coming into her sight.

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