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   Chapter 27 Sign Your Name! Divorce!

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She thought of his warning at once!

"If I see you have an excessive contact with Ron again..."

Ah ah ah!

At this moment, Celia's mind was in a total mess.

Even Carlos didn't see Ron holding her, but when she came in, he just glanced at her indifferently. She was still unsure.

After standing uneasily for long time, the man said a few more words with Moore before he stood up and left. He didn't keep his eyes on her for a second from beginning to end, which made her even more confused.

Less than a minute after Carlos left the ward, Celia finally ran out of the ward regardless of other things.

Carlos! Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu, wait for me!

Celia kept running from the upstairs to the downstairs. Seeing no one in the elevator, she rushed to the hospital gate.

In the crowd, she stood on tiptoe, looking for the man, just like a bride waiting for her lover lovingly.

But where was Carlos!

After searching for a long time, Celia's heart sank a little bit. Her head drooped. She was really out of luck today.

A few minutes later, at the exit of the underground parking lot not far away, a Maybach slowly drove in.

The black car window was tightly closed. In the distance, Carlos saw Celia's petite figure. He snorted coldly.

Sped up, made a turn and stopped the car.

The car stopped one meter away from Celia.

Celia was shocked. She raised her head and didn't come to her senses until she saw the aggressive car in front of her. A tinge of joy appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She rolled down the window and saw his perfect face. But his face remained cold.

"Get in the car."

The cold words from Carlos's mouth put her into a calm mood. She opened the door of the car in a hurry and took the passenger seat.

It was very quiet inside the car. As the car was running, the atmosphere became more and more embarrassing.

Celia Ling couldn't help glancing at him. However, as she saw the cold expression on the man's face, her lips curved into a thin line. She timidly gave up the idea of talking to Hardy.

After a long time, a deep male voice faintly passed through the air.

"You run so fast to chase after me. Aren't you afraid that Ron will be suspicious?"

Celia was shocked. Apparently, she had never expected that!

The man seemed to take a cold glance at the little woman beside him, but when he saw the regretful expression on her face, he compressed his thin lips more tightly.

"It is not too late to go down now."

The man's cold voice came to Celia's ears. She didn't dare to continue anymore.

She hesitated for a while and shook her head, biting her lips. "No, thanks."

She was sure that if she said she was going down now, he would be angrier!

Her words worked. As expected, the look in his eyes softened a lot.

"I, I'm not like what you think. It's just a coincidence. You, you will not cancel the cooperation with the Mo consortium, will you? "

Celia turned around to look at Carlos with her big eyes. She said carefully.

Though she could only see his side face, but why did she feel that his face was even worse than before?

Did she say something wrong?

Carlos drove the car silently. Although Celia tried many times to explain to him on the way, he had to keep silent at the sight of Carlos's face, which was even colder than winter.

The car continued to drive. Celia looked at the view

behind her and realized that she didn't have the way to the manor.

Where were they going?

"Get off!"

His tone was rather cold.

Celia raised her head and looked out of the window.


What happened?

'why did he take me to the Civil Affairs Bureau?'? Did he have something important to do here?

But she didn't dare to ask too much at this time. She followed him to get off the car and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Carlos had long legs. As he walked fast, Celia trotted to catch up with him.

After arriving at the second floor, she kept walking. Suddenly, the man in front of her stopped. Celia failed to stop and her head hit the man's back.


She massaged her own head and looked up at the man. Under the shadow, the cold expression on his face and the low pressure above his head made her shiver.

"Sorry..." When she was about to apologize, Carlos reached out his big hand, grabbed her as if she were a chicken, and took her into the next room.

The noise they made shocked everyone in the room.

Celia looked around. She felt a little familiar.

Both the environment and the stunned eyes of these two people were familiar.

The next moment, she realized where she was and her face turned pale.

"What... What are you doing here? What are you doing here? "

As she spoke, she grabbed Carlos's sleeve with her small, pathetic hand.

The man did not speak, and he did not even look at her. He only said to the staff indifferently, "give me two agreements."

Hearing his words, the staff came over and gave him two agreements.

"Sign it!"

Carlos took another one to Celia.

Celia looked down and her face turned pale.

A divorce agreement!

He, he wanted to divorce her!

They just got married for a few days!

What was worse, the staffs working here today might work in shifts, just the ones who hold the wedding for them on that day.

Oh! Oh! Unbelievable! 'thought he! No!

Celia exclaimed in excitement. She hugged Carlos's arm tightly and pressed her body against him. Tears were welling up in her big eyes.

"I know I was wrong. I promise I won't do that again. Please don't get divorce with me, okay?"

"Let me go!"

The man said in a cold voice, full of disgust on his face.

"No, I won't let you go! I won't let you go unless you don't divorce! "

"Sign it!"

Celia shaking her head vigorously.

"No, I won't sign it! I won't sign it even if I die! "


Carlos took a deep breath. He rubbed his eyebrows. Finally, he was willing to look at her. However, the coldness emitted from his deep eyes shocked Celia.

The expression on Carlos's face was really... So terrible!

"Do you like him so much? For him, even sacrifice your happiness in the rest of life? Huh, do you know that he... "


Carlos stopped abruptly. Celia was confused.

Looking at her confused face, Carlos clenched his fists, closed his eyes and then opened them again. "Sign it. I don't have time to waste with you!"

"No way! And I don't have any ID! "

"I've brought it with me."

The man turned to the reception desk. Celia also shifted her gaze to the desk, where a file was already placed.

She remembered that when they got the marriage license, he took all the documents away.

Celia was so anxious that tears almost came out from her eyes. No, she couldn't get a divorce now!

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