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   Chapter 26 Sudden Meeting

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Celia was full of thoughts all the way. She didn't withdraw her hand from the teacher's grip until she entered the office and saw the serious expression on the teacher's face and the fierce look in her eyes.


She looked at the teacher blankly.

"Fighting at the school? Celia Ling, do you know that you will be punished for violating the order of the school?"

Celia bit her lips and looked at Susan. The look on her face was totally different from the one she had been a moment ago. Susan looked at she with her lips slightly raised. Joy and excitement were written all over her face.

"But it was her who attacked me first!"

"Miss Xia, if she hadn't thrown my phone into the trash can, I wouldn't have lost my hand accidentally because of anger!"

Susan asked as she seized a key problem.

The teacher glanced at Celia Ling and asked, "is that so? Did you throw her phone away? "

Susan raised her chin and stared at her, as if she was afraid that she would deny it.


"Is it true or not? Is it difficult to answer?" The teacher kept pushing her.

"Yes." Celia replied, lowering her head.

"Susan did it first, but you shouldn't damage her personal belongings."

"Teacher, I know I was wrong."

Celia was not stupid. She was not stupid enough to fight against the authority of the school. Besides, it was obvious that the teacher was partial to Susan.

It would be a loss for her if she was punished as she graduated.

School seemed to be a simple place, but in fact, it was much more complicated.

Susan didn't expect that Celia would admit it so quickly and kindly.

But after a second thought, it dawned on her that Celia was afraid of being punished by the school?

Thinking of this, the irony in her eyes was even more obvious.

"Celia Ling, since you admit that you broke my phone, you should know what to do next, right?"

It was just a phone. Susan, of course, didn't lack money. She just didn't want to let Celia off so easily.

"Since you said so, I will definitely pay. Tell me the number. I'll send it to you when we get back."

Although she was angry, the reality was cruel.

Susan said with a smile. "Not much, HMM, and your cell phone was used, I give you a discount, that is 10000. "

It was Susan who slapped him first. But now she apologized to her for compensation.

Celia frowned. Ten thousand dollars! That was a large sum of money! She knew the brand of the phone.

Before she could say anything, Susan added. "Dollar!"


Celia's eyes widened. She was chopping Peter up!

"Teacher, What do you think?"

It was 10 thousand dollars. There wasn't that much money in all!

The female teacher thought that it was a little improper. After all, she was just a student. So he whispered to Susan.

"Susan, she is just a student,"

"My phone isn't worth so much money, but the shell of my phone isn't made by a foreign designer. I said it's worth less than ten thousand dollars."

Susan complained to the teacher, with dissatisfaction on her face.

The teacher didn't know what to do. Even though she couldn't offend the An Clan, she didn't want Celia to lose such a large amount of money.

"10 thousand dollars. I paid it for her!"

Susan turned to look at Celia who was extremely frustrated because of the money. She just couldn't resist the lust for money when a man's voice sounded beside her ear.

The three looked in the direction of the voice.

It was Ron.

"Ron, my face hurts!"

At the sight of Ron, Susan, who was arrogant a second ago, immediately felt wronged and wronged. She immediately threw herself into Ron' arms, raised her face and sobbed, with a pitiful look on her face.

"Susan an!"

He frowned and said in a low voice while pulling her hand and trying to pull her away from him.

Susan surprised to see the astonished look on Ron's face.

Was he blaming her?

Sure enough, he still loved that bitch!

Hatred was growing in Susan's heart. She pointed at Celia who was standing behind her.

"Ron Mo, are you trying to protect this bitch now? Have you forgotten I have... "

"Susan an!"

His eyebrows were knitted more tightly, and his eyes were filled with coldness and warning.

Susan's face was extremely dark. She covered her stomach with her hand and clenched it into a fist, but she finally held her words back.

It was just because of the words uttered by the man when he passed by. "When we get back, we will discuss about our marriage."

"Celia, are you okay?"

Ron returned to his usual gentle appearance. Seeing the red mark on Celia's face, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to touch it.

"I'm fine."

She was one step ahead, and her face escaped.

In fact, Celia didn't know what happened to her. It seemed that she was avoiding to have any intimate contact with him recently.

Was it because that man had a very long shadow?

"Let's go, I'll take you away."

Ron didn't show any unhappiness towards her action. He just said a few words, gently pulled her arm and took her to the door.

Celia didn't resist anymore. She thought she'd better leave here now. As for the rest, she would figure out a way!

Before leaving, Ron took a deep look at Susan, who still stood there. Seeing that she had no intention to make trouble again, he nodded to her slightly.

After the door of the dean's office was completely closed, Susan suddenly sensed a homicidal intent hidden in her eyes.

Celia Ling, I will never let you go!


After she applied the ice to Celia's face, the marks on it healed.

She didn't want to go to the hospital when he told her that he would take her to, but when she heard "No.1 Hospital", she suddenly realized that she hadn't visited Auntie Mo for a long time because of Carlos.

The weather in autumn was always changeable. Earlier it was sunny, but now it started to drizzle.

While walking on the narrow road of the hospital, her dress was gradually wet by the rain.

Celia Ling curled up her body. Her petty action caught the attention of Ron. He reached out and held her body in his arms.

Ron put his warm hand on her wet arm. Celia felt uncomfortable but didn't break free.

Arriving at the floor of the in-patient department, Ron walked much faster than Celia. He first arrived at the door and pushed in.

Celia didn't think too much. She followed Ron into the ward.

The moment she raised her head, she was frozen in place all of a sudden.

Mrs. Mo was lying on the bed quietly, with a bunch of flowers in the vase beside the bed.

On the other side of the living room, Moore was talking with the man.

The man was in his formal suit as usual. There was a slight smile on his handsome face. He was like a king in such a normal way.

Hearing the sound of door opening, the man glanced at them and remained silent.

However, she couldn't feel more restless.

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