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   Chapter 25 Courtesy Demands Reciprocity

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Celia Ling ignored that and wanted to pick up more. Apparently, the opponent did not intend to end here.

Seeing that Susan stepped on this one, Celia stretched out her hand to avoid bumping into it. The pink high heels she was wearing kept changing as well.

For a moment, Celia's face darkened.

For her book was also trampled by Susan. Besides, it seemed that she stepped on them harder.

Susan looked down at the girl who bowed her head and smiled. "Without Ron, can't you even pick up a book? It's really useless! "

She was not ashamed at all. She even turned a circle on the high heels.

In order to prevent her book from being destroyed, Celia who was unwilling to make any trouble, had to restrain her anger. She slowly raised her head and politely spoke to Susan.

"Miss an, would you please move your feet?"

"What? Okay. "

Susan squinted her eyes and moved her feet away.

However, her hand missed the target when she tried to pick it up again.

Even though other students in the classroom were angry, no one dared to retort to his humiliation in public.

The whole classroom fell into silence.

Celia glanced at the book in the trash can kicked by Susan. She couldn't bear to see anymore.

She was not afraid of making trouble!

She stopped picking them up and stood up slowly, staring at Susan coldly.

"What are you doing here, Miss Susan?"

Susan was stunned by Celia's cold appearance. She had always been cowardly.

'is this the Celia I know?'? Susan was not adapted to the atmosphere.

However, Susan was usually arrogant and supercilious, so she responded in a few seconds.

"Of course I'm busy. But it's about Ron. Don't waste my valuable time on you bitch. "

"I'm sorry, miss an. I don't know you. What's more, miss an is not someone I should waste my time on."

Celia's classmates around her were shocked. Susan was always so unreasonable that most of her classmates dared not do anything to her. Celia was bold to say that.

Susan was obviously irritated. No one dared to talk to her like this before.

She stared at Celia and said bitterly, "don't think that nobody knows what you have done. I remember clearly how you seduced men at the banquet last time. I'm telling you! Why don't you let me show them now, so that their classmates can see how we sell our beautiful girls for money? "

Susan showed her phone to him.

She approached Celia with an evil smile and spoke again in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them.

"Oh, I forgot it. By the way, I can still remember clearly how many rascals I saw that night! Hahaha... "

Celia's body shook and her pupils shrank.

Did the hooligans on that day have anything to do with her?

"Don't look at me like that. I didn't do it! But why didn't I think of that way back then? If so, you are a dirty woman, I don't believe that Ron will accept you again! "

Susan said proudly. She was about to unlock the phone.

However, before she could find out the page, the phone in her hand fell into the water bucket behind the classroom accidentally.

Soon the phone was soaked in water and the screen was black in an instant.

Susan watched everything and realized that her phone was stolen and broken. Her face dark


The people who did this, in particular, were the stunned Celia!

With a gloomy face, she intended to pick up the phone, but obviously, she slowed down again.

Before that, she had already held that pink phone with a pair of white hands.

"I'm sorry."

Her voice was soft and sweet, and her lips were slightly lifted, but her big eyes were full of coldness.

"Give my phone back to me, Celia Ling!"


Celia Ling reached out her hand to her.

Susan answered angrily. When she was about to receive it, her white hand suddenly slipped and the phone fell to the ground.

"Ash Celia Ling!"

Susan roared, burning with anger.

But it was not over. She took a step forward, and the phone screen was covered with a new footprint.

"Etiquette requires reciprocity."

She was going crazy!

Susan was completely driven mad. She flung out her hand to the girl fiercely.

"Watch out!"

One of the classmates couldn't help but remind her, but it was too late.

Celia white face was slapped ruthless.

In an instant, red marks could be seen all over the place, which showed how violent Susan was.

She touched her face gently, looked at the woman opposite stubbornly and sneered. "Miss an, that's all you can do?"

Susan was irritated again and raised her arm high again.

But this time, she failed. In midair, a pair of small hands exerted all their strength to stop her wrist.

Enduring the pain of her left hand, Celia raised her right hand and slapped Susan an.

No one had treated Susan like this in her life. Celia was definitely the first one to be treated like this.

Susan was completely stunned. Even her father didn't want to hurt her, but was slapped hard by the bitch in front of her.

Everyone was also stunned.

How could Celia dare to offend the daughter of the an Clan

Just then, a loud voice suddenly sounded. "This is a school, a classroom. What are you doing here? Remember your manners! "

It was their teachers who asked the question. And it was the same in primary school, middle school and university. "Who struck first?"

"Susan an!"

All the students answered in one voice.

After all, they were all in the same major. They had to protect their own classmate.

No matter how imperious Susan was, she was an outsider too.

"Miss Xia, she is the one who has come to our classroom and tried to mess up with Celia." A girl who had a good relationship with Celia said frankly.

"Yes, teacher. We can all prove it!"


The teacher said coldly, trying to hold back the students' voice.

"Celia Ling, Susan an, come with me to my office."

Susan snorted and gave a disdainful glance at Celia. Then she followed the teacher and left.

She didn't believe that the school could do anything to her with her identity!

Celia followed her quietly. She didn't think too much when she was in a hurry.

In particular, Susan mentioned that day's rogue. Judging from her words and the way of her eyes, it was not a coincidence at all.

She said it wasn't her. Then did someone do it on purpose?

Who is that man? What was her purpose?

She was just a helpless, powerless nobody in Jin City, let alone anyone who hated her. Why did treat her like that?

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