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   Chapter 24 I Won't Hurt You

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Carlos stopped the car in a remote place.

After Celia and Eugene got out of the car, Carlos examined Eugene carefully to see if there was any injury on her body.

She was panting. Her hair was dirty and her leg was still bleeding.

Carlos sighed.

"Bring me the first aid kit." He said to Celia.

"Okay." Then she got back to the car.

He held her with one hand, rubbing her head with his face and then stroking her hair.

"She's back. Don't be afraid. She won't leave us. I'll ask her to stay with us, always."

Seeming to feel her master's emotion, Eugene also put her head against Carlos's arm and sobbed in a low voice.

"Here's your medicine chest." Celia Ling handed the medicine box to the man.

"Bind it up."

"What? No, aren't you going to bind it up? "

Celia was stunned by the man's words.

"My purse is not as good as yours."

Well What the hell was that.

"You, you are its owner. If you don't help it, who else can?"

She continued. Several cotton sticks stained with alcohol appeared in her hand.

Looking up at the man again, she had to hold the cotton stick in her hand.

"EM, I have a I'll clean your wound. You can't bite me for revenge! "

She said to Eugene who was squatting in front of her.

But as soon as she finished her words, it seemed to have no reaction.

"Well, have you ever heard the story about 'dog biting benefactor'? You can't be such a dog, okay? "


Carlos couldn't help laughing.

"What are you laughing at? I am giving it a heads up! Or you? "

She pouted towards Carlos.

He shook his head and looked at her with his eyes full of smile.

Silly girl, how could it hurt you? How could I possibly hurt you!

Seeing her use the cotton stick to wipe the wound on her leg, stunned, she seemed to be in great pain, but she didn't move from beginning to end.

A tinge of loneliness flashed across his dark eyes.

Five years ago, something happened to Sally. After he was desperate, he entrusted his friend to take care of Eugene and wanted to leave.

However, within two days, Eugene disappeared.

He and his team searched everywhere they could find, but they couldn't find her. In the end, they found Eugene in front of the Sally's gravestone.

That day, in a heavy downpour, Eugene was lying on her stomach in front of the Sally's tomb, motionless. If he hadn't come to her and held her, she might have died.

Afterwards, Eugene went to the cemetery every day and stayed there for a day. At night, she didn't go back to her friend's home but climbed back to where he and Sally used to live. She had already been burnt into ruins there.

Later, when he took Eugene to Jin City, she refused to eat or drink and became very anxious. Then he took her to his aunt's house.

It was there when it smelled the scent of Sally. It did not recover gradually until then and did not want to leave anymore.

He thought she had been waiting for her since she came back!

Carlos didn't know who was the other kid uncle told him? What's their relationship? 'he wondered.

But he believed that he would not be mistaken, and Eugene would not be mistaken!

At least now, the woman in front of him, has hidden some secret, and one day everything will be clear!

Celia exclaimed. She felt like a trash because in that man's manor, she was either eating or sleeping.

Of course, all this was against her will. The man had plenty of ways to make her stay there tamely.

As soon as her foot was healed, she asked to go back to sch

ool with sufficient reasons for review and exams!

As soon as the car arrived at the University, Celia Ling got off the car quickly and waved goodbye to Boris, indicating that he could leave.

She walked into the school step by step. It was not until her figure completely disappeared that Boris turned around his car and reported to the boss on the other end of the phone.

Celia Ling hadn't arrived at the classroom yet. After greeting her friends, she sat down and began to collect her books.

As soon as she opened it, she saw a bag of candies.

Its shape was cute and various kinds of candy paper forms. Crystal candy, crystal clear and beautiful.

Seeing the candy products, Celia Ling understood immediately. No one would do this except the man.

Well, even though he was trying to help her, she was angry because he touched her bag without her permission.

She childishly pulled out the candy and dropped it on the floor, which instantly attracted the attention of all the students around.

"Celia, these candies are so cute."

"Ha-ha, I didn't expect that Celia has a girlish heart..."

"Yes, it is sold domestically..."


Hearing the voice of the students around, Celia regretted her childish behavior just now. It was no big deal. It was just some candy, but the dessert abroad was sweeter than hers?

When she was about to give the candies to her classmates, there was a noise at the door of her classroom all of a sudden.

A person's arrival attracted many people.

The pink high-heeled shoes knocked the floor, making a noisy sound.

She was wearing a strapless dress and a dazzling diamond necklace around her neck.

Who is it?

It was Susan, the arrogant Miss.An.

The only reason for Susan to be famous in college was not for her achievements, but for her provoking other people. She was also the No.1.

Everyone was waiting to see what's going to happen when they saw Susan.

Susan raised her chin arrogantly with a faint smile on her lips. When she saw Celia Ling, her eyes turned sharp and vicious.

It was all because of this woman that Ron couldn't make up his mind.

He had long wanted to teach her a lesson, but she had either been protected by Ron or the member of the Tang Clan.

Now, the man in Tang Clan hasn't come back yet, and Ron was also in the company, just caught by her. She must make this bitch suffer.

Besides, she already knew that Celia had nothing to do with Carlos.

'she is really an ordinary girl. She doesn't deserve Carlos's attention, ' Susan thought.


Celia also saw Susan. However, it was none of her business?

After a quick glance at the person over there, continued to read calmly.

Susan walked to Celia and stood beside her.

The moment she approached Celia, she covered her nose slightly with her hand. The smell of her perfume was so strong.

"Yo, You've got dumped by Ron. Why do you still want to take advantage of Mo Clan?"

Susan picked up the candy pack with disgust. "Well, you are right. You are just worth the price of this whole bag of candy"

Then, she turned the candy in her hand and slapped on the ground one by one.

Celia frowned. Even if she hated some of Carlos's behaviors, she couldn't damage these candies.

Then she bent over to pick up the bag. But her bag, as well as the book on the table, fell to the ground with a bang.

The pink high-heeled shoes Susan was wearing stepped on the candy Celia was about to pick up. Almost all her fingers were trampled under her feet.

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