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   Chapter 21 Is It Her

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Looking at the girl in front of him, the man had an intuition that his whole body was about to be burned by fire again.

When he was in the bathroom just now, he almost couldn't control himself. He just went to take a cold shower to barely suppress his sexual desire.

At this moment, Celia also strongly felt the man's gaze that was glued to her.

"All right, all right?"

In the mirror, she saw Carlos' dark eyes, his thin lips, his Adam's apple and his sturdy chest.

After saying that, she looked away because of his charm.


The moment Carlos opened his mouth, Celia was about to stand up.

But she didn't want to be in such a hurry that she almost slid down the bed.

"Ah --"

Carlos lifted her with one hand and put her in the center of the bed to make sure she wouldn't fall down again.

But he heard Cassandra's decision. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"You sleep in the bed, and I sleep on the floor!"

"There is only one quilt here." He motioned for her to see the situation clearly.

"Then Here you are! " The girl said through gritted teeth.

"Carlos, are you sleeping?"

Right at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Celia Ling was about to answer, but before she could utter a word, her mouth was covered by a hand. Then she was stunned and was confined to the bed in white.

"Carlos You... "

Celia widened her eyes, while the man was more unbridled.

She couldn't push him away and bit him in shame and anger.

But still, she did not let him go. She bit him again. "Revenge".

There was another knock at the door. It didn't stop until the sound of footsteps disappeared.

"You said you wouldn't force me!"

Her fair face flushed and she said angrily.

"Okay. Good night."

The man let go of his hand around her waist and lay down in the other half of the bed.

Celia froze for a moment. He should have let her go!

Just as she was distracted, the man reached out to turn off the light and held her more tightly from behind.

"Don't move. Just hold me for a while. It will be okay soon."

A hoarse voice said, with a hint of sadness in the darkness.

Celia didn't know why she gave up struggling.

She still didn't move, but as time went by

In the bathroom.

Cold water poured down from his head, which repressed the man's heat.

After the shower, Carlos came out of the bathroom and saw clearly the marks on his neck and body through the mirror.

It was ambiguous and alluring, but these were his scratches.

He shook his head helplessly. Sure enough, she didn't change at all, and was not even obedient to sleep.

He walked out of the bathroom and gazed at the sleeping face on the bed. It was as quiet as a kitten.

In the room, the sound of the clock on the wall was heard clearly.

He walked to her step by step and stopped by the bedside. Looking at her for a moment, his slightly cold hand gently lifted a corner of the quilt.

When he couldn't find the familiar mark on her body for the first time, he was almost driven mad.

In the following days, even now, he still hoped that he just had a hallucination.


He touched her skin with his slender fingers. Under the faint moonlight, there was no trace at all in his sight.

His handsome face was covered with confusion.

If it was Sally, how could there be a mole on her?

But if it weren't for her, why did she look so much like herself?

He looked at the woman on the bed for a long

time before he tucked her in, got up and left.

Celia struggled to wake up from a nightmare.

Sweat broke out on her forehead as if she had returned to that summer in which she had suffered a lot.

She got herself a glass of water and gulped it down barefoot.

After a while, she remembered that there should be someone in the bedroom.

By the way, where is he?

She looked around and heard a faint noise from the balcony.

He must be on the phone!

After she put on her shoes and was about to wash up, she ran into Carlos who came back from the balcony with his mobile phone.

"Good morning." He smiled at her lightly and then said to the person on the other end of the line.

Celia Ling saw him walk to the table and took out a piece of paper from the drawer. It seemed that he wanted to write something down.

With one hand holding his cell phone, he was listening to the person on the other side of the phone and writing on the paper with the other hand.

She found that Carlos' hand was on his left hand when he was writing. Later, Carlos held his phone for a long time, so he changed his left hand.

Celia stared at the man's hand, lost in thought. She didn't even realize that Carlos had hung up the phone.

"What's wrong? You look so obsessed. "

The man's voice sounded, and she just woke up from the scattered memory.

"Can you write with both hands?"

Carlos looked at her. "Well, I didn't use my left hand at the very beginning. But after a long time, I gradually learned how to use my left hand."

She wondered if the light in his eyes when he looked at her had suffocated Celia.

She avoided his eyes and said, "I'm going to wash up."

Then she walked quickly to the bathroom.

When she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and saw her toothbrush on the wash basin, she slowly stretched out her left hand


She could feel the pain, but she just held the toothbrush for a moment and couldn't hold on.

"How long have you changed to use your right hand to do things?"

Suddenly, a man's voice came from behind her, which startled her.

"Five years."

After a moment's silence, Carlos didn't ask any more.

When Celia Ling and Carlos went downstairs, Zoe, standing in the living room, looked at them and couldn't help but recall the scene that had happened in her mind.

After the breakfast, Celia wanted to help Zoe clean the kitchen, but she was stopped by her uncle.

"Carlos, take Celia out for a walk. I'm going to the kitchen."

"You? Every time you said something, it was me who started it. " Said Zoe to her husband.

"Oh, Carlos and Celia seldom come back home. Don't blame me."

Celia Ling saw the couple arguing. Although it seemed that they disliked each other, it was the happiest thing for her family.

Zoe didn't go to the kitchen with Howard Hua until she saw Carlos and Celia walk out of the hall.

Zoe thought while cleaning up the room.

"Howard", look at Celia. She is...""

"She do look like Sally. I was also shocked when I saw her yesterday. She look exactly like her! But... "

"What?" Zoe stopped cleaning.

"Do you still remember what your sister said about the other child? Do you think... "

The man outside the door took a deep drag on his cigarette. The ashes fell on his hand and it was burning, but he didn't seem to feel it at all. Carlos kept her chin tight, and the smoke slowly dispersed. His handsome face was in the dark, and his eyes were strangely red.

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