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   Chapter 20 Being Drunk Would Make Her Blush

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Celia stared at Carlos and said.

She was injured in the foot, and now he suddenly came in, which made her even more nervous. Her body could hardly support herself.

Seeing that she lost her balance, Carlos came over to help her, but he was pushed away.

What a stubborn cat!

But she was too weak to withstand him.

He strode over and held her up.

"Ouch! What are you doing? Let go of me!"

As she struggled, he moved his lips close to her ear. "Don't move."

She could feel his breath on her face.

"Celia, I'm afraid the bath towel would fall down if you keep moving."

She froze immediately and her knuckles turned white.

She heard him speak again. "Celia, I don't mind you keeping struggling. In fact, I also like your bath towel dropped."

Ah ah ah!

Celia was so angry that she wanted to turn her back to Carlos.

He smiled and looked down at the girl in his arms.

Her pink face was covered by the steam, which made her look more beautiful than usual. Her hair was wet and messy, and her fair and clean neck attracted many attention.

Carlos' eyes darkened.

"Want to take a bath? Let me help you."

"No need."

He suddenly approached her. The sudden warm temperature from his face made her breath in disorder.

He grinned broadly. "You are a stubborn girl. Don't say no. You can have it."

Carlos exclaimed in an extremely gentle voice. The smell emitted from him was burning Celia like fire.

Her lips were getting closer and closer, and her heart was beating more fiercely.

Seeing that Carlos' handsome face was about to be turned into the most important part in front of her eyes, Celia took actions first when her eyes met Carlos'.

But he didn't make it because there was her palm between their lips.

However, the grin on Carlos's face was bigger than before. He was not angry at all.

He put his thin lips on Celia's palms. The kiss was so soft that Celia couldn't stand.

Celia tried to withdraw her hand, but it was bitten gently by him.

In the face of such a young man, how could she compete.

Celia was completely irritated and stared at him, biting her lips.

"Please get out!"

"Celia, how can you get off the table without me? Do you really plan to spend the night here? "

The corners of Carlos' mouth curled into a smile. It was not until now that Celia had come to realize why he had carried her onto the wash table. Since it was too high from the ground, her feet had not yet fully recovered. It was impossible for her to get down.

A sly fox! What a cunning man.

Seeing that she was still staring at him fiercely, he couldn't help asking.

"I won't force you to give me two choices. Tear the towel to let me help you. Or let me help you take off the towel directly."


Were there any differences?

Finally, at her urging, Carlos turned his back to her and when everything was ready, he turned back to her.

An awkward and embarrassed look came over Celia's face.

It's really not good to be tricked and controlled by someone and have no way to resist.

But she knew she couldn't win in the competition with a man like Carlos. No matter how careful she was, she would eventually fall into his hands.

At this moment, her eyes were suddenly opened, even though she looked normal previously.

His hand...

"It's okay."

She bit her lips and said in a low and hoarse voice.

"Really?" A pleasant male voice came from behind, gentle with a smile.

However, after hearing Carlos, Cel

ia had a different feeling and mocked.

"OK... Fine! "

She was aroused by his next move. She turned around, pushed him away, and wrapped herself with the towel quickly. She resisted his approach to her too much.

He knew she was deeply annoyed when she didn't look at him.

"Your pajamas are placed here, you can go out after you change. By the way, be careful when walking, the floor is slippery, don't fall."

He whispered to her as he walked towards the door.

Celia didn't breathe a sigh of relief until the bathroom door was completely closed.

Meanwhile, she was angry, not because of the man, but because of herself. She had some reaction just now.

Thinking of the glimmering eyes of the eagle, Celia was more furious.

His indifference contrasted sharply with her weakness. She was like a puppet in his hand, and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

And this was just a beginning!

In the following three years, when she faced such a man, she was completely unsure of her heart, not to mention where she would go?

She wrapped the towel more tightly around her body, curling up like a child who had lost her way.

After Celia came out of the bathroom, she didn't see Carlos there. She was relieved, but with a complicated emotion that was indescribable.

Although it was a fake marriage, the marriage certificate was real.

But if...

Anyway, she didn't know what she was thinking now.

Just as her mind was in a mess, suddenly there was a noise outside the room.

A moment later, the door was pushed open. Carlos was standing at the door in a light gray housecoat.

However, his wife was leaning against the bed with wet hair and was still concentrating on her book.

The pajamas that Carlos brought to her before were new to her. They were royal blue silk nightgowns, which made her skin even fairer. There was a glass of water on the small cabinet by the bed.

The door was pushed open. She held the book more tightly.

Feeling the man approaching, she quickly picked up the cup at hand.

"Plop! Plop! Plop!"

Looking up, she almost choked as she saw the man's face out of the corner of her eye.

"Your book is in the wrong place."

The light in the bedroom was warm. His eyes were full of smile.

Celia put the glass back with a bang and lowered her voice.

"Does Celia hope to stay alone on the first night of her wedding?"

The man's voice sounded very gentle. Celia was stunned and her face turned red.

She just murmured to herself, "why do you come back?"

She didn't expect him to hear this.

"Celia, you don't like to sleep with me, do you?"

Celia frowned. This man was so perceptive.

"I didn't say anything to Zoe today. If Celia is unwilling, you can ask her. But it's impolite to refuse an elder to come here. "


He did it on purpose!

Celia didn't need to pretend anymore. She put the book on the cabinet and was about to crawl into bed.


Before she could get into bed, she was suddenly caught by the man.

Looking at Celia's big eyes, Carlos frowned and his eyes were full of anger.

"Dry your hair first."

There was a burst of warm wind behind her, and the man's hand in her long hair.

And the mint scent from him made her absent-minded.

Her petite body was sitting on the big white bed sheet. Her long black hair was like water, and her white legs were exposed under the sapphire blue nightdress.

The most intoxicating thing was her shyness when she bowed her head.

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